Towards Zero (2007)


Towards Zero (2007)
L'heure zéro (original title)

When Guillaume has the bizarre idea of inviting his ex-wife Aude to a family reunion at the luxurious coastal estate of his wealthy Aunt Camilla, his tempestuous new wife Caroline becomes filled with rage. Guillaume hopes that they'll become friends but the two women despise one another. But things turn ugly when Camilla is found dead in her bedroom - and only the trusty Inspector Bataille can put together the pieces. But as the Inspector untangles her mysterious death, he also begins to unearth dark family secrets, brewing jealousies, and perhaps even a murderer in their midst.
IMDb  5.9 /10
Director Pascal Thomas
Writer Clémence de Biéville
Writer François Caviglioli
Writer Agatha Christie
Writer Roland Duval
Writer Nathalie Lafaurie
Release Date2007-10-31
Runtime1h 44mins
GenreComedy, Mystery
Content Rating
CompanyLes Films Français
Le commissaire Martin Bataille
Camilla Tressilian
Guillaume Neuville
Caroline Neuville
Clément Thomas
Clément Thomas
Thomas Rondeau
Xavier Thiam
Xavier Thiam
Frédéric 'Fred' Latimer
Ange Werther
Vania Vadim
Vania Vadim
Pierre Leca (as Vania Plemiannikov)
Me Charles Trevoz
Paul Minthe
Paul Minthe
Carmen Durand
Carmen Durand
Mme Geoffroy - La directrice du collège

Towards Zero (film)

Towards Zero (French: L'Heure zéro) is a 2007 French mystery film directed by Pascal Thomas and starring François Morel, Danielle Darrieux and Melvil Poupaud. It is an adaptation of the 1944 novel Towards Zero by Agatha Christie.


  • François Morel - Commissaire Martin Bataille
  • Danielle Darrieux - Camilla Tressilian
  • Melvil Poupaud - Guillaume Neuville
  • Laura Smet - Caroline Neuville
  • Chiara Mastroianni - Aude Neuville
  • Alessandra Martines - Marie-Adeline
  • Clément Thomas - Thomas Rondeau
  • Xavier Thiam - Frédéric Latimer
  • Hervé Pierre - Ange Werther
  • Vania Plemiannikov - Pierre Leca
  • Jacques Sereys - Charles Trevoz
  • Valériane de Villeneuve - Emma
  • Paul Minthe - Heurtebise
  • Carmen Durand - Barrette