Triple Dare (2006)


Triple Dare (2006)
Supervoksen (original title)

Rebekka, Claudia and Sofie are freshmen in high school and will no longer accept being treated as juniors. Taking matters into their own hands, they devise a rite of passage, the 'fortune teller', symbolizing their entry into adulthood. As they take turns challenging each other's sexual boundaries, they eventually have to ask themselves whether performing weird rituals is the easiest way to get to know themselves and feel grown up.
IMDb   5.5 /10
TheMovieDb    5.0 /10
Director Christina Rosendahl
Writer Mette Heeno
Release Date2006-08-10
Runtime1h 32min
Content Rating
AwardsAwards2 wins & 2 nominations
CompanyNordisk Film, TV2 Danmark, Det Danske Filminstitut
Emma Leth
Emma Leth
Rebekkaas Rebekka
Cathrine Bjørn
Cathrine Bjørn
Sofieas Sofie
Claudiaas Claudia
Stefanas Stefan
Rebekkas moras Rebekkas mor
Rebekkas faras Rebekkas far
Niklas Lundstrøm
Niklas Lundstrøm
Ymeras Ymer
Amalie Rendtorff-Smith
Amalie Rendtorff-Smith
Katrineas Katrine
Karen-Lise Mynster
Karen-Lise Mynster
Bodilas Bodil
Ymers moras Ymers mor
Søren Bregendal
Søren Bregendal
Rasmusas Rasmus
Steen Stig Lommer
Steen Stig Lommer
Buschafføras Buschaffør
Ekspedientas Ekspedient
Tjerner caféas Tjerner café
Eva Rosenberg
Eva Rosenberg
Pige 1as Pige 1


Supervoksen (English: Triple Dare) is a Danish comedy-drama from 2006. It is the first feature film from director Christina Rosendahl.


Rebekka Claudia and Sofie are 15 years old and in high school. In class, they learn how different cultures mark the transition from childhood to adulthood. Deciding that confirmation is meaningless, they decide to create their own rite of passage, which involves choosing at random a dare from a cootie catcher. Attempting to perform their dares leads each girl towards maturity. Claudia learns she deserves respect in her romantic relationships, Sofie begins to accept her attraction to women, and Rebekka realises she is not the adult she assumed herself to be.


  • Emma Leth .... Rebekka
  • Cathrine Bjørn .... Sofie
  • Amalie Lindegård .... Claudia