The Armenian Genocide (1991)


The Armenian Genocide (1991)

Produced in a joint project by J. Michael Hagopian's production company the Armenian Film Foudation (which was created to promote Armenian cultural awareness) and the Curriculum Development and Supplemental Materials of the State of California to use the Armenian genocide as a teaching tool for high school students. The film progresses through small human rights violations all the way through to full blown genocide, showing viewers how, left unchecked, small violations can become deadly violations quite quickly. The movies is designed to help viewers understand how they can recognize the signs of human rights violations and what they can do to aid in stopping them before they turn deadly. It is left open ended, so as to provide an opportunity for discussion after the film has ended.
IMDb   4.5 /10
Director J. Michael Hagopian
Release Date
GenreDocumentary, Short, History
Content Rating
CompanyArmenian Film Foundation, Atlantis Productions Inc., The State of California
LanguageArmenian, English
Mark Andrew Reyes
Mark Andrew Reyes
Narratoras Narrator