Da Kath & Kim Code (2005)


Da Kath & Kim Code (2005)
Da Kath & Kim Code (original title)

Da Kath & Kim Code is an homage to Dan Brown's book and later hollywood blockbuster The Davinci Code. The movie opens with Kath and Kel having just returned from a Davinci Code themed vacation. They decided to leave the tour early and owe the last stop 44 pounds. Bret has just recieved a promotion at work where he is spending more time with his new boss. Kim is preparing herself to be a corporate wife and Sharon has resolved to find a partner via the internet. Christmas is in two weeks and a vengeful bed and breakfast owner is after them, let the adventure begin!
IMDb   7.4 /10
TheMovieDb    6.3 /10
Director Ted Emery
Writer Gina Riley
Writer Jane Turner
Writer Magda Szubanski
Release Date2005-11-26
Runtime1h 22min
Content RatingTV-14 (TV-14)
AwardsAwards2 nominations
CompanyRiley Turner Productions
Kath Day Knightas Kath Day Knight…
Kim Craigas Kim Craig…
Kel Knightas Kel Knight
Brett Craigas Brett Craig
Sharon Strzeleckias Sharon Strzelecki
John Monkas John Monk
Selfas Self
The Wiggles
The Wiggles
Themselvesas Themselves
Red Wiggleas Red Wiggle
Purple Wiggleas Purple Wiggle
Yellow Wiggleas Yellow Wiggle
Kellyas Kelly
Rental Car Agentas Rental Car Agent
Robin Cuming
Robin Cuming
Luke Lennox
Luke Lennox
Brodieas Brodie
Santa's Helperas Santa's Helper

Da Kath & Kim Code

Da Kath & Kim Code is a 2005 Australian comedy telemovie of the television series Kath & Kim.

After three seasons of Kath & Kim (2002–04), Gina Riley and Jane Turner initially planned to take 2005 off from television. But in July, they announced that they would be writing and filming a 90-minute telemovie. The telemovie screened in Australia and New Zealand in November and December 2005 respectively. The telemovie was sold to networks in the United Kingdom and the United States. It was the last Kath & Kim production shown on the ABC before it moved to the Seven Network for the 2007 season.


Kel and Kath return from The Da Vinci Code European tour and begin frantic preparations for Christmas. During the two weeks leading up to Christmas Day Kim discovers that Brett is once again having an affair, this time with his boss Kelly. Brett stays at "The Buckingham Motel". Kim eventually asks him back, but he is still conducting the affair. Sharon meets a man, Marriat, online and they become engaged. She is heart broken to later learn that he does not actually exist, but is just a blog. Kath and Kel become backup dancers for Michael Bublé at Carols by Candlelight, Melbourne. Kath's affection for him results in Kel letting out his "green eyed monster", with Kel punching Bublé in the middle of the performance. She tells him that he shouldn't bother going home as he wouldn't be welcome. Kel too goes to stay at "The Buckingham". Kath forgives Kel and he returns home for Christmas. Kath and Kel also receive strange messages from John Monk (Barry Humphries), the albino running Da Vinci Code tour, including one saying "44 Euros". John Monk visits their home. Kel thinks he has cracked the code and Monk is going to kill them, but he just wants to offer them a franchise. An epilogue shows Kath's first day as a tour guide on the Da Vinci Code 2 tour: G'day Leonardo.

Cast and characters


Special guests

Michael Bublé, Rove McManus, Rhonda Burchmore and The Wiggles appeared as themselves.


The movie aired on 27 November 2005, and was the ABC's top rated program for 2005, achieving an average audience of 2.1 million and a peak audience of 2.4 million.

DVD release

Da Kath & Kim Code was released to DVD as a 2-disc set on 1 December 2005, and was bundled with Kath & Kim Live in London. The DVD was briefly discontinued and repackaged again on 1 April 2010.

Awards and nominations

YearAwardCategoryRecipients and nomineesResult
2006LogiesMost Popular Actor at the LogiesGlenn RobbinsNominated
2006LogiesMost Outstanding Miniseries / Telemovie at the LogiesNominated