Totally Frank (TV Series 2005–2006)


Totally Frank (TV Series 2005–2006)

"Totally Frank" is a drama series that chronicles the lives of four headstrong girls as they go through the enormous process of forming a band. The series follows the girls as they set about the daunting task of launching their musical careers and chasing the ultimate dream of creating their own unique sound together. Described by one critic as "U.K Sex And The City with Guitars" it will be screened on Channel 4's T4 zone in late September as well as on E4. Music provides the backdrop for engaging, universal stories about four twenty-something girls' emotional lives and friendships, as they struggle to start their music careers on the very bottom rung. The former strangers soon make a formidable team, with Tasha on vocals, Charlie on guitar, Neve on drums and Flo on keyboards. Can these four very different girls pull together to see each other through the hard times - the bad boyfriends, the nightmare parents, the ghosts from the past? Or, after three months, will their shared dream ...
IMDb  4.7 /10
Creator Paul Whittington
Creator Neasa Hardiman
Creator Jack Lothian
Creator Harry Wootliff
Release Date2005-09-25
GenreComedy, Drama, Music
Content Rating
CompanyInitial (II), Channel 4 Television Corporation
Charlie 26 episodes, 2005-2006
Helena Dowling
Helena Dowling
Flo 26 episodes, 2005-2006
Lauren Blake
Lauren Blake
Tasha 26 episodes, 2005-2006
Neve 26 episodes, 2005-2006
Joe 15 episodes, 2005-2006

Totally Frank

Totally Frank is a comedy drama series with a real-life band as its stars on Channel 4. It follows a band, Frank, who were struggling to make it in the music industry.


The band on the show consisted of lead singer Tasha (Lauren Blake born 18 August 1983), guitarist Charlie (Bryony Afferson born 9 March 1983) keyboard player Flo (Helena Dowling born 20 December 1986) and drummer Neve (Hayley Holt (actress) born 27 February 1983). Their first single, I'm Not Shy, was released on 31 July 2006 in the UK. Their debut album, "Devil's Got Your Gold", was released on 7 August 2006 in the UK by Polydor Records.


The show had two series, both of which had 13 episodes. The DVD release of the show has been cancelled for the moment.

The series begun with the four girls taking part in fictitious reality show Fame Maker, with another girl, Sammi, who goes onto win the show.

The second series started on 9 April 2006 with storylines including Tasha leaving her solo deal, Neve and Tasha's rift, Flo breaking Jason's heart again and Charlie's dad dying.

The series was cancelled when the real band had been dropped by their record label and decided to split up on 11 September 2006.


22-year-old Tasha (Lauren Blake) is the front woman and the emotional driving force behind the band: the one with the vision and the sheer unstoppable enthusiasm to pull this thing off. Tasha automatically takes on the 'mum' role to her bandmates but she's totally clueless in matters of romance.

Tasha may have the energy, but 22-year-old Neve (Hayley Holt (actress)) is the one with the cred. She seems to know everything about every band that ever was. She's spent years gigging. She has been the drummer in a couple of bands before that ‘nearly made it’ but didn't.

Sweet and unoffensive, Flo (Helena Dowling) is the baby of the group, even though at 22 she's the same age as the others. Flo is a bit of a daddy's girl, and is torn between the grounded world of her family and fiancé and the exciting, unpredictable world of life in a band.

For 21-year-old Charlie (Bryony Afferson), being a famous musician is more important to her than being best mates with the other girls. She's deeply competitive and insecure about her songwriting around the others, particularly Neve. Charlie always assumed she'd be a solo star, not a band member.


The show had a lot of performances from the band and also included some other music.

Series 1 Theme Song Frank - Complicated

Series 1 Episode 1 Frank - Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Live)

Series 1 Episode 2 Frank - I'm Not ShyFrank - Complicated

Series 1 Episode 3 Frank - I'm Not Shy

Series 1 Episode 4 Frank - News About You (Remix)Frank - News About You (Live)Frank - ComplicatedFrank - News About You

Series 1 Episode 5 Frank - ComplicatedFrank - Silence

Series 1 Episode 6 Bryony Afferson - Money In My Pocket (Live)Frank - Money In My Pocket

Series 1 Episode 7 Helena Dowling - Silence (Live)Frank - I'm Not Shy

Series 1 Episode 8 Frank - White Wedding

Series 1 Episode 9 Frank - Silence

Series 1 Episode 10 Frank - Money In My Pocket (Rock Version)Frank - SilenceFrank - Don't Wait Up

Series 1 Episode 11 Frank - Money In My Pocket

Series 1 Episode 12 Frank - Complicated

Series 1 Episode 13 Frank - Don't Wait Up

Series 2 Theme Song Frank - Turn It Up

Series 2 Episode 1 Lauren Blake - Tears and TantrumsBryony Afferson - Money In My Pocket (Live)Frank - I'm Not Shy (Live)

Series 2 Episode 2 Frank - News About You (Alternate Mix)

Series 2 Episode 3 Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict a RiotFrank - Closer to Me

Series 2 Episode 4 No music featured.

Series 2 Episode 5 Lauren Blake - Turn It Up (Acoustic Version)Frank - Turn It Up

Series 2 Episode 6 Frank - Closer to Me (Lights Out Version)Frank - Turn It UpFrank - Closer to Me

Series 2 Episode 7 Frank - Turn It Up

Series 2 Episode 8 Michael McKell - Eye in the SkyFrank - Turn It UpMichael McKell and Bryony Afferson - Eye in the SkyBryony Afferson - Eye in the Sky

Series 2 Episode 9 The Killers - Mr BrightsideFrank - Never Left A Girl (Live)Frank - Never Left A Girl (Alternate Mix)

Series 2 Episode 10 Frank - Turn It Up (Radio Version)Frank - Don't Wait UpFrank - Turn It Up (Alternate Mix)

Series 2 Episode 11 Frank - Never Left A GirlFrank - All I Ever Do (Bryony Afferson Version)

Series 2 Episode 12 Frank - Closer to MeBryony Afferson - Eye in the Sky

Series 2 Episode 13 Frank - Silence (Alternate Mix)