Strictly Sex with Dr. Drew (TV Series 2005– )


Strictly Sex with Dr. Drew (TV Series 2005– )

Dr. Drew takes son a variety of sensitive questions and sex-related topics that have been on the minds of many of us, but have been left unspoken for too long.
IMDb  8.2 /10
Creator Lauren Metzger
Release Date2005-06-15
Content Rating
CompanyWeller/Grossman Productions
Self 1 episode, 2005
Grace Fraga
Grace Fraga
1 episode, 2005
Pamela Hill
Pamela Hill
Self 1 episode, 2005
Self 1 episode, 2005
Rob Little
Rob Little
Self - Guest 1 episode, 2005
David Zappone
David Zappone
Self 1 episode, 2005

Strictly Sex with Dr. Drew

Strictly Sex with Dr. Drew is a television show hosted by Loveline host Dr. Drew Pinsky. It ran for 10 episodes in all, and is still featured on the Discovery Health channel.

Episode guide

The Orgasm

This episode discusses everything that viewers want to know about orgasms. Dr. Drew investigates a new sex-enhancing pharmaceutical for women that is being developed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Cameras follow a young couple to their private counseling session with sex expert Lou Paget to seek advice on improving their sex life.

How to Ruin Your Sex Life

Dr. Drew reveals some common issues in relationships that can ruin your sex life. Among the topics discussed are cheating, medical issues, and bad bed manners. Dr. Drew introduces special guest, Dr. Lisa Masterson, obstetrician and gynecologist and author of How to Ruin Your Sex Life. Dr. Masterson gives viewers a lesson on the transformations and changes to a woman's body chemistry after having a baby and suggests solutions to rev up your sex life post-baby.

Ask Dr. Drew

Viewers ask Dr. Drew for help and advice concerning a range of topics such as how to improve their love life and other sexuality related concerns.

Sex, Drugs, & Surgery

Dr. Drew discusses the many surgical procedures available relating to the sexual experience including " revirginization", penile enlargement, and "vaginal rejuvenation". Guest star: Troy Hailparn

Sex: What Scares You?

Dr. Drew welcomes and interviews guests with a variety of sexual fears. He then speaks to psychoanalyst and counselor Dr. Bethany Marshall, who provides tips to overcome these and other fears. Drew also helps viewers face their fears and work through their sexual issues.

Sex: Fact or Fiction

Dr. Drew debunks or confirms a variety of sexual myths, with the help of guests Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Lionel Tiger. They explore some misconceptions about sex and what's behind those beliefs, and they also reveal what the truth actually is.


Dr. Drew examines how masturbation can actually help your sex life, and debunks many myths about masturbation. He also welcomes guests including Dr. John Sealy to discuss this "unmentionable" topic.

Was It Good For You?

Find out how to turn frustration into satisfaction by understanding the sexual differences between men and women. This one-hour episode explores the "Mars-Venus dilemma" and the different ways men and women approach sex. Dr. Drew travels to Atlanta's Emory University to explain why completely different things turn on men and women, and what happens in their brains during the arousal stage.

Am I Normal?

This is the core information that many viewers are seeking, for everyone wants the reassurance that they are sexually "normal". Dr. Drew is not afraid to explore it all, thereby providing answers to the top questions on everyone's mind. Dr. Drew travels to San Antonio, Texas, to document the surgery that can restore a woman's sex life. he also interviews urologist Dr. Carol Bennett to address awkward questions about real-life problems, including the best way to prevent premature ejaculation.

Sexual Chemistry

Dr. Drew explores the factors that attract two people to each other, including pheromones and other scents.

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