The Stepfather (2005)


The Stepfather (2005)

Following the disappearance of his teenage daughter, Dougie Molloy moves in with divorcee Maggie Shields in the hope of starting again. All is well until his new stepdaughter Scarlett goes missing too, and the past comes back to haunt him.
IMDb   7.5 /10
Director Ashley Pearce
Writer Simon Booker
Release Date2005-02-06
Runtime3h 0mins
GenreDrama, Mystery, Thriller
Content Rating
CompanyGranada Television
Janine Carrington
Janine Carrington
Anita Gibson
Maggie Shields
Scarlett Veazey
George Saville
Vanessa Knox-Mawer
Vanessa Knox-Mawer
Mrs. Porter
Thea Day
Thea Day
Vashti MacLachlan
Vashti MacLachlan
Kath Schofield
DS Sullivan
Caroline Woodruff
Caroline Woodruff
Amy Rhiannon Worth
Amy Rhiannon Worth
Trish Cooke
Trish Cooke
Mrs. Gibson
Andy Quine
Andy Quine
Minicab Controller
Ricky Nixon
Ricky Nixon
Christopher Veazey

The Stepfather (TV series)

The Stepfather is a two-part British television crime drama series, written by Simon Booker and directed by Ashley Pearce, that first broadcast on ITV on 6 February 2005. The series, which stars Philip Glenister and Lindsey Coulson, follows divorcee Dougie Molloy (Glenister), a man haunted by the disappearance of his fifteen-year-old daughter, who three years on, tries to rebuild his life by marrying a fellow divorcee, Maggie Shields (Coulson). But when Maggie's daughter Scarlett disappears in similar circumstances, Molloy's possible involvement in both crimes is investigated by the police.

The series was filmed in and around Soho, London. The series was later broadcast in Sweden, Australia, Brazil (under the title O Padrosato) and France (under the title Suspicion). The series gathered respectable viewing figures, with 6.7 million tuning in for the first episode, and a further million tuning in for the second episode. Notably, the series has yet to be released on DVD.


  • Philip Glenister as Dougie Molloy
  • Robert Bathurst as Christopher Veazey
  • Lindsey Coulson as Maggie Shields
  • Lucy Evans as Scarlett Veazey
  • Jack Wilson as Luke Schofield
  • Con O'Neill as Bruce Shapiro
  • Janine Carrington as Anita Gibson
  • John Rowe as George Saville
  • Vashti MacLachlan as Kath Schofield
  • Anna Wilson-Jones as Sasha Munro
  • Holly Davidson as Pippa Molloy
  • John Bowe as DI Mendoza
  • Abigail Thaw as DS Sullivan
  • Vanessa Knox-Mawer as Mrs. Porter
  • Trish Cooke as Mrs. Gibson
  • Thea Day as Nikki
  • Ricky Nixon as Woody
  • Lucy Brooks as Tracey Ann
  • Lewis Yarwood as Ryan
  • Frankie Fitzgerald as Beemer


No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateViewers
11"Part 1"Ashley PearceSimon Booker6 February 20056.76
Dougie Molloy's 15-year-old daughter, Pippa, has been missing for three years. Refusing to give up hope of finding her, Dougie decides to throw in his school teaching job and gets a job as a mini-cab driver, hoping to spot her as he scours the streets of London. Despite being accused of murder, and blaming himself for her disappearance, Dougie manages to find love and happiness again with fellow divorcee Maggie Shields. Six months into the relationship, Maggie's 16-year-old daughter Scarlett makes it clear that she is unhappy about Dougie's plan to move in. She rejects his over-protectiveness and turns to her barrister father, Christopher, for support. Christopher, who can’t help resenting Dougie, voices concerns about his past and showers undue attention on Scarlett. Trouble flares further when Maggie and Dougie announce they are getting married, but the celebrations are soon put on hold when Scarlett mysteriously disappears.
22"Part 2"Ashley PearceSimon Booker7 February 20057.71
Luke discovers a video of Scarlett taken by Christopher which shows him in a less than fatherly light. Christopher's computer is also discovered to have accessed a pornographic, sado-masochistic website. Maggie’s concern over Scarlett’s disappearance is exacerbated by a claim from one of Dougie’s ex-pupils, who says he is the father of her child. Meanwhile, Dougie and Christopher join forces to search for Scarlett and turn their attention to Luke, and stricken by her conscience after reading about Scarlett’s disappearance, Pippa returns, easing police suspicions about Dougie, but she soon presents him with a problem of her own. Despite tensions, Pippa decides to help him discover details of Luke's unsavoury past, the involvement of Shapiro and his link to Scarlett.