Quelques jours en septembre (2006)


Quelques jours en septembre (2006)

September the 1st, 2001. Elliot, an American C.I.A. agent holding top secret information on the immediate future of the world, disappears. His sole aim was to meet his daughter Orlando, whom he abandoned ten years before. Irène, a French agent who used to work with him, and David, his adoptive son, will help him and lead the girl to her father. Chased by William Pound, a strangely poetic psycho, they will defy the dangers of international espionage from Paris to Venice and finally get to Elliot on September the 11th 2001.
IMDb   5.3 /10
TheMovieDb    5.3 /10
FilmAffinity   4.9 /10
Release Date2006-09-05
Runtime1h 56min
GenreDrama, Thriller
Content Rating
AwardsAwards2 nominations
CompanyGemini Films, Les Films du Rat, France 2 Cinéma
CountryItaly, France, Portugal
LanguageEnglish, French, Italian, Arabic
Irène Montanoas Irène Montano
William Poundas William Pound
Orlandoas Orlando
Davidas David
Elliottas Elliott
Le jeune banquieras Le jeune banquier
Le vieux banquieras Le vieux banquier
Igor Zyberskias Igor Zyberski
Le concierge de l'hôtelas Le concierge de l'hôtel
Alexis Galmot
Alexis Galmot
Le serveuras Le serveur
Jean-Luc Lucas
Jean-Luc Lucas
Le contrôleuras Le contrôleur
Roberto Moro
Roberto Moro
Le gardien du palaisas Le gardien du palais
Julien Husson
Julien Husson
L'homme à la cigaretteas L'homme à la cigarette

A Few Days in September

A Few Days in September (Quelques jours en septembre) is the first film directed by Santiago Amigorena, who previously wrote screenplays for films by Cédric Klapisch and Catherine Breillat among others. The film premiered out of competition at the 2006 Venice Film Festival and received a special screening at the 2006 Toronto Film Festival.


A Few Days in September imagines a scenario in which an American C.I.A. agent, Elliot, with advance intelligence about the attacks on New York's World Trade Center towers is being chased by an assassin, William Pound, while he is trying to reunite with his two grown up children with the help of an old colleague, Irène.


  • Juliette Binoche as Irène
  • John Turturro as William Pound
  • Sara Forestier as Orlando
  • Tom Riley as David
  • Nick Nolte as Elliot

Home media

Koch-Lorber Films released the film on DVD in the US in 2007. Fledgling distributor Transmedia Pictures gave the film a limited release in the United Kingdom and Ireland, releasing the film on 14 September 2007. It was released on DVD in the UK by High Fliers Films in September 2009. Aztec International released the film in Australia, licensing the DVD rights to Madman Films.

Alternative versions

In September 2007 French language television station TV5 broadcast a reduced version of the film, running at 90 minutes—22 minutes shorter than the original French theatrical version. This version begins on September 6, 2001, when Irène brings Orlando and David to her apartment, removing the opening scene on Orlando's farm and the aborted hotel meeting with Elliot. As such it removes September 5 from the narrative. The version of the film was released in Portugal in November 2006 had a slightly longer running time; A number of extra scenes were included in this version at producer Paolo Branco's request. This version opens with Irène in her apartment receiving a letter from Elliot. It also includes scenes of Orlando target practicing on her farm and of Irène and William Pound sitting in his truck reminiscing on their shared history.


Reviews of the film were mixed to negative, with Rotten Tomatoes giving the film a 44% rating.