The City of the Sun (2005)


The City of the Sun (2005)
Slunecní stát aneb hrdinové delnické trídy (original title)

Set in the present, the four ordinary men in this story find themselves at crossroads in their lives. Karel, Tomas, Milan, and Vinc were once seduced by the possibility of making money in Ostrava's cosmopolitan melting pot. But times are changing - the company has offered their jobs to foreign workers. The friends try to solve their job loss by going into business themselves. But instead of the success they expected, they only sink deeper into debt and go through a number of unpleasant events that testify to their inexperience and naivety. Even their private lives become complicated. Personal crises and an inability to adapt to new conditions are the hallmarks of life in the real world, an environment scarred by existential uncertainty in a once rich industrial city...
Czech Republic
IMDb  6.7 /10
Director Martin Sulík
Writer Martin Sulík
Writer Alice Nellis
Writer Marek Lescák
Release Date2005-04-21
Runtime1h 35mins
GenreComedy, Drama
Content Rating
Awards10 wins & 11 nominations.
CompanyCeská Televize, První Verejnoprávní
CountrySlovakia, Czech Republic
LanguageSlovak, Czech
Ivan Martinka
Ivan Martinka
Anna Cónová
Anna Cónová
Lucie Zácková
Lucie Zácková
Martin Juza
Martin Juza
Michaela Boková
Michaela Boková
Frantisek Smehlík
Frantisek Smehlík
Dominik Hájek
Dominik Hájek
Kostas Zerdolaglu
Kostas Zerdolaglu
Thin worker

The City of the Sun (film)

The City of the Sun (Czech: Sluneční stát) is a 2005 comedy film written and directed by Martin Šulík and starring Oldřich Navrátil and Ľuboš Kostelný. The film won the main prize at the 2005 Finále Plzeň Film Festival. At the 2006 ceremony for The Sun in a Net Awards, the film won in six categories. The film was Slovakia's submission for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film for the 78th Academy Awards. The film won in two categories at the Czech Lion Awards, specifically for music and editing.


  • Oldřich Navrátil as Karel
  • Ivan Martinka as Tomáš
  • Ľuboš Kostelný as Vinco
  • Igor Bareš as Milan
  • Anna Cónová as Tereza
  • Petra Špalková as Marta
  • Anna Šišková as Vilma
  • Lucie Žáčková as Eva