Chocky's Challenge (TV Series 1986)


Chocky's Challenge (TV Series 1986–1986)

Matthew and Albertine have separated. While she study in Cambridge University, Matthew still working in his project, but when Albertine exposes accidentally to Chocky to an evil man called Doctor Liddle who discovers the Chocky's existence, the danger begin because Liddle believes what Chocky is an intruder, a threat for the humanity and the first step for a great invasion. Chocky returns to help Matthew and Albertine, fight against Dr. Liddle and reveal finally the secret of the cosmic energy.
IMDb  6.6 /10
Creator Bob Blagden
Creator Anthony Read
Creator John Wyndham
Release Date1986-09-29
GenreSci-Fi, Drama
Content Rating
CompanyThames Television
Annabel Worrell
Annabel Worrell
Albertine Meyer 6 episodes, 1986
Arnold Meyer 6 episodes, 1986
Chocky 6 episodes, 1986
Mrs. Gibson 6 episodes, 1986
Illona Linthwaite
Illona Linthwaite
Dr. Liddle 6 episodes, 1986
Freddie Brooks
Freddie Brooks
Mike 5 episodes, 1986
Paul Russell
Paul Russell
Paul Barclay 5 episodes, 1986
Karina Wilsher
Karina Wilsher
Su Lin 5 episodes, 1986
Professor Fraycott 4 episodes, 1986
Leon Eagles
Leon Eagles
General 4 episodes, 1986
Professor Wade 4 episodes, 1986
Professor Ferris 4 episodes, 1986
Matthew Gore 3 episodes, 1986