Manticore (2005)


Manticore (2005)

During Operation Iraqi Freedom, a US Army Squad is sent to a small Iraqi town to locate a missing news crew, only to find the residents of the town dead and a living weapon of mass destruction, a Manticore, awakened from its long slumber by a terrorist leader wanting to rid his land of the American invaders at any price.
IMDb  3.6 /10
Director Tripp Reed
Writer John Werner
Release Date2005-11-26
Runtime1h 28mins
GenreAction, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller, War
Content RatingNot Rated (Not Rated)
CompanyUnified Film Organization (UFO), Sci Fi Pictures, Secure Productions
LanguageEnglish, Arabic
Ashley Pierce
Pvt. Sulley
Jeff M. Lewis
Jeff M. Lewis
Ortiz (as Jeff Lewis)
Jonas Talkington
Jonas Talkington
Michail Elenov
Michail Elenov
Edmund Druilhet
Edmund Druilhet
Sargent Cohen
Vlado Mihailov
Vlado Mihailov

Manticore (film)

Manticore is an American Sci-Fi original movie that aired on the Sci-Fi Channel on November 26, 2005. It was directed by Tripp Reed and featured Heather Donahue, Chase Masterson and Robert Beltran. It is about a squad of United States Army soldiers in Iraq that must fight against a resurrected, nearly unstoppable manticore awoken from its slumber by an Iraqi insurgent leader.


United States Army soldiers with the 10th Mountain Division stationed in Iraq are sent on a search to look for missing journalists. They come to a small Iraqi town and find a man-eating monster instead. The soldiers find out that the residents of the town are dead and discover a living "Weapon of Mass Destruction", a Manticore. The Manticore was awakened from its long slumber by an Iraqi insurgent leader wanting to rid the country of foreign occupation forces at any price. The Manticore goes on a killing rampage and soon, the only ones left are Baxter, Keats, and Ashley Pierce. The Manticore kills Ashley by spitting acid on her face before eating her alive, but Baxter and Keats manage to kill it with a camcorder and a sledgehammer.


  • Robert Beltran as Sgt. Tony Baxter
  • Heather Donahue as Cpl. Keats
  • Chase Masterson as Ashley Pierce
  • Jeff Fahey as Major Spence Kramer
  • Faran Tahir as Umari
  • A. J. Buckley as Pvt. Sulley
  • Michael Cory Davis as Pvt. Davis
  • Benjamin Burdick as Ryan
  • Richard Gnolfo as John Busey
  • Edmund Druilhet as Sergeant Cohen
  • Michail Elenov as Fathi
  • George Zlatarev as Safa
  • Jeff M. Lewis as Ortiz
  • Tripp Reed as Sergeant Henderson
  • Vlado Mihailov as Mickey
  • Jonas Talkington as Mouth
  • Atanas Srebrev as Charms