Harry's Mad (TV Series 1993–1996)


Harry's Mad (TV Series 1993–1996)

Young Harry Holdsworth inherits a superintelligent talking macaw named Madison. This leads to numerous adventures for Harry and his family but it also attracts villainous Terry Crumm who wants the parrot for himself.
IMDb  7.8 /10
Creator Alex Kirby
Creator Jon Scoffield
Creator Graham Alborough
Creator Steve Attridge
Release Date1993-01-04
GenreAdventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy
Content Rating
John Holdsworth 35 episodes, 1993-1996
Angie Holdsworth 35 episodes, 1993-1996
Madison 35 episodes, 1993-1996
Gareth Parrington
Gareth Parrington
Harry Holdsworth 28 episodes, 1993-1996

Harry's Mad

Harry's Mad was a children's television programme that was shown on CITV in the United Kingdom between 4 January 1993 and 11 March 1996. It is based upon a book written by Dick King-Smith.


The show begins when Harry Holdsworth (Gareth Parrington) inherits his American great-uncle George's macaw named Madison. At first, the Holdsworth family are not very pleased with their new pet, but they soon start to notice that Madison is no ordinary parrot, and that he is highly intelligent and very articulate. He becomes an instant family member. As well as getting the Holdsworths out of many problems, Madison is also the cause of many too. Terry Crumm (Mark Billingham) hears about Madison's intelligence and sets out to steal him on many occasions, but most of the time Madison foils his plans and saves the day.

In the third series, the family sell their house and move to a rather run down hotel which they took over when Aunt Agatha moved to America. Harry is studying for his GCSEs back at his old school and so is not featured much in this series. Instead, Hattie, played by Amy Butterworth, and Jools, played by Richard Castillo, Aunt Agatha's adopted children, take his place.

In the fourth and final series, Jools leaves the family and Harry returns from his GCSEs.

Many guest stars appeared in Harry's Mad including Dave Lee Travis, Michaela Strachan and Steve Davis.

The parrot

Madison was played by a living parrot in only certain scenes that required the view of his full body, such as when he was flying or perched on Harry's arm. In most other scenes, however, an animatronic parrot was used to allow Madison to talk and interact with other characters properly.