Pasión de Gavilanes (2003–2004)


Pasión de Gavilanes (TV Series 2003–2004)

"Pasión de gavilanes" is the story of the Reyes brothers, three honest and good-natured men until the day a shocking and unforgettable tragedy makes them go in search of revenge. Their plan takes an unexpected turn when they meet the Elizondo sisters, the three beautiful daughters of the powerful hacendado who they blame for their misfortune.
IMDb   7.9 /10
TheMovieDb    7.7 /10
FilmAffinity   3.2 /10
Creator Julio Jiménez
Release Date2003-10-20
GenreDrama, Romance
Content Rating
AwardsAwards1 win & 3 nominations
CompanyCaracol Televisión, RTI Televisión, Telemundo Studios
CountryColombia, USA
Danna García
Danna García
Norma Elizondoas Norma Elizondo
Paola Rey
Paola Rey
Jimena Elizondoas Jimena Elizondo
Juan Reyesas Juan Reyes
Jorge Cao
Jorge Cao
Martín Acevedoas Martín Acevedo
Juan Alfonso Baptista
Juan Alfonso Baptista
Óscar Reyesas Óscar Reyes
Ana Lucía Domínguez
Ana Lucía Domínguez
Libia Reyesas Libia Reyes
Fernando Escandónas Fernando Escandón
Franco Reyesas Franco Reyes
Gloria Gómez
Gloria Gómez
Eva Rodríguezas Eva Rodríguez
Kristina Lilley
Kristina Lilley
Gabriela Acevedo de Elizondoas Gabriela Acevedo de Elizondo
Sarita Elizondoas Sarita Elizondo
Zharick León
Zharick León
Rosario Montesas Rosario Montes
Armando Navarroas Armando Navarro
Fernando Corredor
Fernando Corredor
Calixto Uribeas Calixto Uribe
Carmenza González
Carmenza González
Quintina 'Coca' Canosaas Quintina 'Coca' Canosa
Consuelo Luzardo
Consuelo Luzardo
Melisa de Santosas Melisa de Santos
Andrea Villareal
Andrea Villareal
Panchita Lópezas Panchita López
María Margarita Giraldo
María Margarita Giraldo
Raquel Santos de Uribeas Raquel Santos de Uribe

Pasión de Gavilanes

Pasión de Gavilanes (International Title:Hidden Passion) is a Colombian telenovela that ran for 188 episodes, from 2003 to 2004. Written by Julio Jiménez, it was produced by RTI Colombia in conjunction with the Telemundo network and with the participation of Caracol TV company.

In Colombia, it was broadcast by Caracol TV. It is based on the 1994 telenovela Las aguas mansas, also written by Jiménez and produced by RTI.


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Bernardo Elizondo is the owner of a hacienda, where he lives with his wife, Doña Gabriela, and their daughters; Norma, Jimena and Sara (affectionately nicknamed Sarita), the husband of their daughter Norma; Fernando Escandón, and his father-in-law, Don Martín Acevedo, a retired military man who is paralyzed. Norma and Fernando's marriage was arranged by Doña Gabriela to hide that Norma had been the victim of a rape, but the marriage is in name only and has not been consummated, due to her trauma. Apart from that, Gabriela is in love with Fernando, so she forces her daughter to marry him to keep him close.

Although Bernardo is in love with Libya Reyes, a humble young woman, he knows that he could not marry her, since Gabriela, a very despotic woman and very old-fashioned, would never give him a divorce. In any case, he is determined to break with everything in order to live out his love for Libya, and he decides to formally appear before the young woman's brothers; Juan, Óscar and Franco Reyes, who did not support the relationship but approve it, since the happiness of their sister depends on it. Unfortunately, Bernardo has a horse accident and dies.

At the same time, Libya discovers that she is pregnant and finds out that Bernardo has died, so she decides to go to the Elizondo house after being convinced by her neighbor, the fruit maker Hortensia and her children, who take her to the hacienda to claim the money, although she is scared and not convinced if she should go. When she arrives at the Elizondo house, Doña Gabriela humiliates and despises her family. Libya flees desperate and commits suicide by jumping off a bridge.

When the Reyes brothers find out everything, they swear to avenge the death of their sister and go to the Elizondo estate, but they do not find Doña Gabriela, so they decide to stay at the hacienda, posing as some bricklayers that Doña Gabriela has contracted to build a cabin for Norma and Fernando. This is achieved thanks to the Elizondo housekeeper, Eva Rodríguez, who also wants revenge on Gabriela for having forced her to give up her only daughter, Ruth, for having kept her single and having no resources to support her. Meanwhile, Ruth grew up as the daughter of Raquel and Calixto Uribe, who could not conceive a child due to their advanced age; Raquel is a wealthy old woman and is Gabriela's best friend.

By meeting the Elizondo sisters, Óscar Reyes intends to convince his brothers to change their revenge plans and seduce the Elizondo sisters, to pay them with the same currency, although what he really intends is to get the Elizondo money to improve their situation. His brother Juan does not agree with their plans, but when he meets Norma Elizondo he changes his mind because they are instantly attracted to each other. This attraction makes Juan completely forget his revenge plans, but the couple will find many obstacles in the way that they must overcome. Eventually, Norma becomes pregnant with Juan and decides to hide her son's true father, since Fernando and Sarita, who totally hate Juan, know the whole truth, and they have no choice but to keep quiet.

Franco has a relationship with a beautiful woman named Rosario Montes, who is a singer at Bar Alcalá and is exploited and mistreated by his representative and lover, Armando Navarro. Instead, Óscar is wrapped in the web of his revenge when he falls in love with Jimena Elizondo. Both are attracted and one day, by the decision of the two, they marry in secret, which causes a great stir to the Elizondo family. After they both start living together in his and his brothers' house, Gabriela discovers that Juan is the true father of the son Norma is expecting, and later both sisters discover that the Reyes are actually brothers from Libya, and they fell in love for revenge on their sister's death, so they decide to leave them forever and return to their family.

On the other hand, Franco is hurt, since Rosario cheats on him and marries Armando Navarro. Without caring about his life, he marries Eduvina Trueba, an elderly lady who owns a hacienda, many companies, and a lot of money. On the same day of the wedding, she dies, leaving Franco as the owner of all his property. Months later, Franco meets Sara Elizondo, a woman who hates him to the core (at least that's what she says); after so many fights little by little he falls in love with her, although she was already in love with him.

They all have their history, and each couple will fight for the same goal: to be together; but first, they have to face the opposition of their enemies, starting with Doña Gabriela who hates them; There is also Fernando, who also hates the Reyes, especially Juan, because he took his wife Norma, causing their divorce; Dínora Rosales, a woman obsessed with Juan and who becomes Norma's rival; Armando, who vows to take revenge on Franco for being with Rosario, and also Rosario, since his obsession with Franco does whatever it takes to separate him from Sara. After many fights and disappointments, the three couples decide to be happy and live their idyll.

On the other hand, the Reyes forge a strong friendship with Ruth, who bears a striking resemblance to their deceased sister Libya (later it is discovered that such similarity is due to the fact that they were cousins, and therefore, Ruth is also related to the Reyes brothers ). Evidence of this friendship is presented when Ruth discovers her origins and runs away from home, being welcomed by the Reyes on their estate. Dínora goes crazy due to her obsession with Juan and kidnaps him, while Ruth decides to save him and both return to the Hacienda de Los Reyes. Later she finds out that Eva is her real mother and they decide to start a mother-daughter relationship.

Gabriela, after being disappointed in Sarita, who had been her last hope for an exemplary daughter, decides to marry Fernando, despite the opposition of her daughters and Don Martín. Little by little, Fernando is gaining ground on the hacienda, destroying it, and begins to manipulate Gabriela at his whim. So much so, that in a strong discussion of Fernando with Jimena, he tries to rape her, but her mother does not believe her accusations and forces her to leave the hacienda. Óscar finds out about everything and decides to give Fernando a beating, which further increases the tension between Gabriela and Fernando, with the Reyes brothers.

Meanwhile, Norma discovers that Fernando is cheating on her mother, but she does not believe the accusations again. Fernando has a strong fight with Norma on the balcony of the hacienda, and when she tries to defend herself against him, she pushes him, which forces her to leave with her son from the hacienda and go live with Juan, whom she later marries in a small chapel.

'Final stage'

One night, Sara decides to follow Fernando to demonstrate to her mother that she is not the type she thinks, and discovers that Fernando has a mistress living in a small cabin on the outskirts of the region. In that, Gabriela decides to accompany her another night and they discover that the woman with whom Fernando is cheating on her, is Dínora Rosales, but she decides to confront him on her own and denounces Dínora to the police.

Fernando and Dínora, obsessed with money and having failed their plan to separate Juan and Norma, kidnap Gabriela in their own estate and force her to take Sarita out of it, then lock her (Gabriela) in the basement, and confine Don Martín in a psychiatric hospital without imagining what is coming.

Raquel, after not knowing anything about Gabriela for several days, decides to go to the hacienda and discovers that she was kidnapped in the basement, and when trying to escape from the hacienda to go and tell the police about what happened, Fernando and Dínora send the henchmen of Armando Navarro, who is also complicit in everything, to be caught and, in the chase, Raquel takes the wheel and decides to crash her car with that of Armando's bodyguards, causing an explosion in which Raquel, her husband Calixto, his driver Guadalupe and Armando's two bodyguards die.

Over the days, Raquel's lawyer reads his will, in which he says that his properties, his actions, his other accounts, and all his fortune pass into the hands of Eva Rodríguez, Ruth's true mother. Martín meets Mrs. Hortensia, who was confined in the sanatorium and they escape to notify the others about what is happening at the hacienda.

Juan, upon learning that Gabriela was kidnapped, decides to go save her without telling anyone but ends up being kidnapped along with Gabriela. In that, the police arrive and surround the house, but Fernando and Dínora use Juan and Gabriela as hostages so that they are not arrested. Armando, who was also at the hacienda at the time of the operation, decides to go out and negotiate with the authorities, but he goes crazy and decides to assassinate Franco Reyes. Rosario intervenes and is shot, while the police kill Armando. Meanwhile, Rosario manages to survive in the hospital and apologizes to Franco and Sara for all the damage caused.

After Franco paid the sum that Fernando and Dínora had asked for the rescue of Juan and Gabriela, they decided to escape in the middle of shooting with the hostages and on the way Dínora decided to seek refuge in the swampy jungle. In the jungle, Gabriela apologizes to Juan for all the damage she has caused him and his brothers.

When the police and the Reyes learn that Juan and Gabriela are in the swampy jungle, they decide to contact the Reyes' uncle, Aníbal Guerrero, who when he arrives meets Eva, with whom he had a relationship, and turns out to be the father of Ruth.

Dínora decides to seduce Juan, but he drives her away causing a fight which causes the two to wallow in the mud, causing Dínora to be bitten by a poisonous snake. Later, Fernando assassinates Dínora, since she is thrown on top of him, delirious with the poison, and her body falls into the swamp.

At that moment, Juan and Gabriela separate from Fernando and find the exit, but at this point, he arrives and shoots Gabriela. When he wants to shoot Juan, Fernando falls into the quicksand; Then he uselessly asks Juan for help and dies. Later they are all rescued, and Gabriela accepts the relationship of her daughters with the Reyes and decides to put down the fence that divides both estates. Franco and Sara, finally at peace, marry through the church in the presence of all their loved ones.

In the final scenes, you can see how Rosario sings in the Bar Alcalá, and the three brothers and three sisters riding together in the field. And finally, everyone was able to live happily without worries.


Main cast

  • Danna García as Norma Elizondo Acevedo de Reyes; Bernardo and Gabriela’s eldest daughter, Sara and Jimena’s older sister, Juan’s wife and Juan David’s mother
  • Mario Cimarro as Juan "Juancho" Reyes, Oscar, Franco’s and Libia’s older brother, Ruth’s cousin, Norma’s second husband and Juan David’s father
  • Paola Rey as Jimena Elizondo Acevedo de Reyes; Bernardo and Gabriela’s youngest daughter, Norma and Sara’s younger sister and Oscar’s wife
  • Alfonso Baptista as Óscar Reyes; Juan, Franco and Libia’s brother, Ruth’s cousin and Jimena’s husband
  • Michel Brown as Franco Reyes; Juan and Oscar’s younger brother, Libia’s older brother, Ruth’s cousin, Rosario’s ex-lover, Eduvina’s ex-husband and Sara’s husband
  • Natasha Klauss as Sara "Sarita" Elizondo Acevedo de Reyes, Bernardo and Gabriela’s second daughter, Norma and Jimena’s sister and Franco’s second wife
  • Jorge Cao as Martin Acevedo; Gabriela’s father, Norma, Sara and Jimena’s grandfather
  • Kristina Lilley es Gabriela Acevedo de Elizondo; Bernardo’s widow, Norma, Sara and Jimena’s mother, and Fernando’s former second wife
  • Ana Lucía Domínguez as Libia Reyes / Ruth Uribe (the same actress who played two different characters). Libia is Juan, Oscar, and Franco’s younger sister and Bernardo’s former lover. Ruth is Eva’s long lost biological daughter and the Reyes siblings’ cousin
  • Gloria Gómez es Eva Rodríguez; Housekeeper of Elizondo household, Norma, Sara and Jimena’s nanny/mother-figure and Ruth’s biological mother
  • Zharick León as Rosario Montes Navarro; Franco’s former lover and Armando’s wife
  • Juan Sebastián Aragón as Armando Navarro; Rosario’s husband (villain, primarily against Franco)
  • Juan Pablo Shuk as Fernando Escandón; Norma and Gabriela’s ex-husband (villain)
  • Lorena Meritano as Dínora Rosales; was in love with Juan (villain)

Recurring cast

  • Germán Rojas as Bernardo Elizondo; Gabriela’s ex husband, Libia’s former lover, Norma, Sara and Jimena’s father
  • Talú Quintero as Eduvina Trueba; Franco’s ex wife
  • Gabriela García as Juan David Reyes Elizondo; Norma and Juan’s son
  • Lady Noriega as María Josefa "Pepita" Ronderos
  • Consuelo Luzardo as Melissa Santos
  • Julio del Mar as Leonidas Coronado
  • Andrés Felipe Martínez as Malcolm Ríos; works for Fernando
  • Clemencia Guillén as Carmela Gordillo; works for Fernando
  • Sebastián Boscán as Leandro Santos; Ruth’s adoptive cousin, Benito’s brother and Jimena’s gay friend
  • Andrea Villareal as Panchita López
  • Alberto Marulanda as Miguel Barragán
  • Carlos Alberto Sánchez as Manolo Barragán
  • Inés Prieto as Hortencia Garrido de Barragán
  • Sigifredo Vega as Filemón Barragán
  • Carmenza González as Quintina Canosa
  • Pedro Roda as Olegario
  • Fernando Corredor as Calixto Uribe; Ruth’s adoptive father
  • Maria Margarita Giraldo as Raquel Santos de Uribe; Ruth’s adoptive mother
  • Giovanni Suarez Forero as Benito Santos, Ruth’s adoptive cousin
  • Vilma Vera as Magnolia Bracho
  • Samuel Hernández as Zacarías Rosales
  • Jacqueline Henríquez as Úrsula de Rosales
  • Leonelia González as Belinda Rosales
  • Ricardo Herrera as Antonio Coronado, Ruth’s boyfriend
  • Jaime Gutiérrez as Jaime Bustillo
  • Pilar Álvarez as Violeta Villas
  • Víctor Rodríguez as Memo Duque
  • Tatiana Jauregui as Dominga, Elizondo’s maid
  • Alexander Palacio as Rubinsky Villain, criminal
  • Herbert King as Herzog Villain, criminal
  • Margarita Durán as Ceci
  • Liliana Calderón as Nidia
  • Margarita Amado as Rosita
  • Guillermo Villa as the father Epifanio
  • Ana Soler as Emilce
  • Helga Díaz as Betina
  • Carlos Duplat as Agapito Cortéz

Philippine adaptation

In the 2nd quarter of 2015, ABS-CBN announced RTI Producciones (in partnership with Caracol Televisión) and Telemundo have given to permit to do a Pinoy version of the series known as Pasión de Amor starring Jake Cuenca, Arci Muñoz, Ejay Falcon, Ellen Adarna, Joseph Marco and Coleen Garcia. Pasión de Amor premiered on June 1, 2015 and ended on February 26, 2016 with a total of 194 episodes in 3 seasons.