The Fallen (2004)


The Fallen (2004)

In the autumn of 1944, in Northern Italy, the German soldiers resist to the advancement of American forces in an Italy divided in fascist soldiers, communist partisans supported by the civilians and thugs. An American platoon led by Sergeant Malone is assigned to deliver supplies to the front. Meanwhile, the German Lieutenant Gunther tries to keep the morale and discipline of his needy soldiers, and faces many other problems when the Italian troop leaded by the aristocratic Lieutenant Gianini joins his doomed troop. The thugs leaded by Rossini act like vultures, plundering the remains after the battles.
IMDb   5.1 /10
Metacritic   62 %
TheMovieDb    4.8 /10
FilmAffinity   4.0 /10
Director Ari Taub
Writer Nick Day
Writer Caio Ribeiro
Release Date
Runtime1h 52min
GenreAction, Drama, War
Content RatingNot Rated (Not Rated)
AwardsAwards4 wins
CompanyBrooklyn Independent Studios
CountryUSA, Germany, Italy
LanguageEnglish, German, Italian
German Medicas German Medic
Lt. Wattsas Lt. Watts
US armored caras US armored car
Private Pulveras Private Pulver
Italian refugeeas Italian refugee
Ida Bernardini
Ida Bernardini
Italian refugeeas Italian refugee
Gianluca Bianco
Gianluca Bianco
Toroas Toro
Sgt. Hoakesas Sgt. Hoakes
Paul Bomba
Paul Bomba
Italian soldieras Italian soldier
Pietroas Pietro
Kenny Bowton
Kenny Bowton
WC-51as WC-51…
Kinrossas Kinross
Bob Brown
Bob Brown
Col. Bowenas Col. Bowen
Hans-Dieter Brückner
Hans-Dieter Brückner
Cookas Cook
Achim Buchner
Achim Buchner
Franzas Franz
Ed Byrnes
Ed Byrnes
WWII Allied tentsas WWII Allied tents
Michael Castignetti
Michael Castignetti
Italian soldieras Italian soldier
Rick Cavallaro
Rick Cavallaro
Halftracks machine gunneras Halftracks machine gunner

The Fallen (2004 film)

The Fallen is a 2004 American-German-Italian war film directed by Ari Taub. The World War II film depicts the confusion of both sides in wartime Italy. The film portrays partisans and regular soldiers ineffectively coursing through the difficult mountainous terrain. The suggestive dialogue is seen with a minute portrayal of dark humor during combat where both sides are hesitant to win over the other side due to the chaotic nature of discord, disorganization and the conflicts of war in general.


A group of uniformed but undisciplined American soldiers are tasked with taking ammo to the front line. On the way their jeep breaks down and they commandeer a wheelbarrow from some passing refugees to put the ammo in, and set off cross-country on foot. The refugees get the vehicle started and make use of it themselves. The Americans take shelter in a farm overnight. A majority of them are of Italian descent, including one socially accepted soldier who accompanies them. An alleged Scottish resident sheltering with them is actually a German spy and radios their position to the German army officer who is constantly having trouble with cut communication cables.

Meanwhile, the Italian troops, who are treated as inferiors by their German counterparts, are given rations. They are allotted only half rations, which causes a riot. The Germans also wish the Italians to take on the lesser task of confronting the partisans, rather than take on the Americans directly for their own gain. When the two Italian parties meet they are reluctant to fight, the partisans coerce some men to swap sides. When the Italian troops run into the pseudo-partisans, some of them become Communist sympathizers to avoid death. Their leader is shot and his two henchmen are recruited into the army.

The Italian troops bravely resist in a confrontation with the Americans, but are later faced with a tank, killing a lead member of their group. When the Americans reach the front line they are pressed to help with the battle by engaging the Germans directly. The Germans have the disadvantage of not directly engaging with the partisans because communication lines are constantly cut.

The Germans are ordered to retreat except for the commanding officer, one sergeant and a soldier who had earlier lost his leg in the course of combat. The volunteers stay behind knowing that they will certainly die. The main opposing officer and unnamed soldier take position in a machine gun nest for their last stand. They make a heroic effort, all dying in the process, while taking as many Americans with them as possible.


  • Daniel Asher ... Lt. Watts
  • C. J. Barkus ... Private Pulver
  • Mathew Black ... Sgt. Hoakes
  • Justin Brett ... Kinross
  • Frank Licari ... Pepino


  • Big Bear Lake International Film Festival 2004: Audience Award - Best Feature Film: Ari Taub
  • Audience Award - Best Feature Film: Ari Taub
  • Breckenridge Festival of Film 2004: Best of the Fest Award - Best Screenplay: Nick Day & Caio Ribeiro
  • Best of the Fest Award - Best Screenplay: Nick Day & Caio Ribeiro
  • Milan International Film Festival 2005: Audience Award - Ari Taub Best Director - Ari Taub
  • Audience Award - Ari Taub
  • Best Director - Ari Taub


The film received a score of 62/100 from 7 critics on Rotten Tomatoes gave the film an 86% and an average rating of 6.7/10