Mystery Woman (2003)


Mystery Woman (2003)

Amically divorced from art gallery keeper Elliot McCallister, Samantha Kinsey, who always dreamed of being a detective, like her prosecutor's office friend Cassie, inherits her uncle's crime mystery-specialized bookshop. It comes with mysterious clerk and presumed retired spy Ian Philby. Her former literature professor crime hit author Jack Stenning's adopted daughter Tracy wines that he waved her fear that writing a story fitting her nightmarish vision about a ten years old murder, writing a witness survives. At the party in his home to present his book, Jack is murdered by a surprise guest who brought the noose to stage a suicide and took evidence. Jack's estranged son Tom and his boss Lt. Robert Hawke investigate, but rule suicide. Although general heir and claiming she loved Jack despite serial adultery, widow Mary asks the bookstore would be sleuths gang to prove it a murder and solve it. Shrtly after, Sam is the target of a break-in and breaks sabotage.
IMDb  6.5 /10
Director Walter Klenhard
Writer Michael Sloan
Release Date2003-08-31
Runtime1h 28mins
GenreCrime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Content Rating
CompanyHallmark Entertainment, MAT IV, Alpine Medien Productions
Samantha Kinsey
Tracy Stenning
Lt. Robert Hawke
Elliot McCallister
Tom Stenning
Jack Stenning
Mary Stenning
Lincoln Lageson
Lincoln Lageson
Paul Granger
Mike Landry
Harper Roisman
Harper Roisman
Thomas McGuire
Janet Sinclair
Debbie Evans
Debbie Evans
Rebecca Carlson