Frank Riva (2003–2004)


Frank Riva (TV Series 2003–2004)

After 25 years in exile, undercover cop Frank Riva comes back in Paris. He faces mob boss Norbert Loggia and his son Maxime, who put a bounty on his head during the French Connection days.
IMDb   6.5 /10
TheMovieDb    7.0 /10
Creator Patrick Jamain
Creator Thierry Aguila
Creator Philippe Setbon
Release Date2003-11-07
Runtime4h 45min
GenreCrime, Drama
Content Rating
CompanyAt Productions, ZDF Enterprises
LanguageFrench, German
Frank Rivaas Frank Riva
Xavier Ungeras Xavier Unger
Commissaire Lydie Herzogas Commissaire Lydie Herzog
Hervé Sebastianas Hervé Sebastian
Guy 'Guido' Buscemaas Guy 'Guido' Buscema
Juliette Janssenas Juliette Janssen
Catherine Sinclairas Catherine Sinclair
Maxime Loggiaas Maxime Loggia
Romanas Roman
Mélanie Maudran
Mélanie Maudran
Nina Rizzias Nina Rizzi
Jean-Claude Marcellin, a.k.a. Polaas Jean-Claude Marcellin, a.k.a. Pola
René Nieves, dit 'Néné'as René Nieves, dit 'Néné'…
Jimmy Esperanza, a.k.a. Jefferson Villaas Jimmy Esperanza, a.k.a. Jefferson Villa
Jean-Luc Rothas Jean-Luc Roth
Alberta Olivierias Alberta Olivieri
Claude Lupoas Claude Lupo
Francesco 'Francis' Melfias Francesco 'Francis' Melfi
Carmela Ramos
Carmela Ramos
Minda Fierroas Minda Fierro…