He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: The Beginning (2002)


He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: The Beginning (2002)

Years ago, two leaders battled for their homeworld Eternia, a fantastical world where compassion struggles against greed. Where one became the good King Randor, the other became the monster Skeletor who plans to rise once again and conquer Eternia. To protect the kingdom, the mystical powers of Castle Grayskull chose a hero - Randor's lazy, impulsive teenaged son Prince Adam. Although a little reluctant to take on a new secret identity, Adam may not mind the name He-Man once that can help his father.
IMDb   7.7 /10
Director Gary Hartle
Writer Michael Halperin
Writer Dean Stefan
Release Date2002-08-16
Runtime1h 16mins
GenreAnimation, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Content Rating
CompanyMike Young Productions
He-Man / Prince Adam (voice)
Evil-Lyn / Council Member (voice) (as Kathleen Baar)
Teela (voice)
Man-At-Arms / Whiplash / Merchant (voice)
Keldor / Skeletor / Council Member (voice)
Trap-Jaw / Tri-Klops / Man-E-Faces (voice)
King Randor (voice)
Orko / Mekaneck (voice)
Stratos / Mer-Man / Ram-Man / Clawful / Beast Man (voice)
Queen Marlena / Sorceress (voice)