Vella kalpi (1970)


Vella kalpi (1970)

It's the midst of 30-year war, when Riga, then free-town, is fighting back both Swedish and Polish armies. City Council is thorn in doubt, as two main spiritual leaders - Head of Catholic monastery of Maria Magladena and head of Lutheran Protestant Church fight for power and influence. Regional aristocracy has their interest in Riga, too. Despite of treachery and indecision inside City Council, three of Rigas' defendants, young, brave and fierce, deliver one surprise blow after other to attackers, fall in love and happily escape sure death, despite all odds.
Soviet Union
IMDb   7.6 /10
TheMovieDb    7.5 /10
Director Aleksandrs Leimanis
Writer Janis Anerauds
Writer Aleksandrs Leimanis
Release Date
Runtime1h 30min
GenreAction, Comedy
Content Rating
CompanyRigas Kinostudija
CountrySoviet Union
Lolita Cauka
Lolita Cauka
Cecilija (as Ingrid Andrina)
Baiba Indriksone
Baiba Indriksone
Edgars Zile
Edgars Zile
Janis Grantins
Janis Grantins
Daniels Rebuss
Janis Osis
Janis Osis
Haralds Topsis
Haralds Topsis
Klavs Angers
General Svenson
Zigrida Stungure
Zigrida Stungure

The Devil's Servants

The Devil's Servants (Latvian: Vella kalpi, Russian: Слуги дьявола) is a 1970 film produced and distributed by Riga Film Studio. It was written and directed by Aleksandrs Leimanis during the time Latvia was part of the Soviet Union. In 1972, Riga Film Studio released a sequel to this film named The Devil's Servants at the Devil's Mill (Vella kalpi Vella dzirnavās).


  • Lolita Cauka as Rūta
  • Haralds Ritenbergs as Andris
  • Eduards Pāvuls as Ērmanis
  • Olga Dreģe as Anna
  • Elza Radziņa as Ģertrūde
  • Ingrīda Andriņa as Cecīlija
  • Baiba Indriksone as Lēne
  • Kārlis Sebris as Samsons
  • Edgars Zīle as Salderns
  • Ēvalds Valters as Mayor Eks
  • Jānis Grantiņš as Daniels Rebuss
  • Jānis Osis as Manteifels
  • Haralds Topsis as Klāvs Angers
  • Valentīns Skulme as General Svenson
  • Zigrīda Stungure as Elizabete