Beginner's Luck (2001)


Beginner's Luck (2001)

Mark Feinman knows he's going to be big in's just a matter of time. In a flash of inspiration he decides to tour a Shakespeare play around Europe. Undaunted by his inexperience and lack of organisational skills, he gathers together probably the worst cast of misfits ever assembled. The only thing that unifies Vagabond Theatre Company is that none of them have ever acted in their lives. Their situation is made more painful by the meteoric rise of their rivals, the massively successful, all singing, all dancing (all blonde!) Theatre Company, led by ex-matinee idol Andrew Fontaine. But the arrival of the mysterious and beautiful Anya spurs them on to their London premier at a strip club in Soho, hosted by Magic Bob. After a sublimely disastrous opening in London the young hopefuls flee to Edinburgh and then onto Paris in search of fame, fortune, sexual adventure and a decent meal. Once in the French capital things go from bad to worse resulting in begging, stealing and ...
IMDb   5.5 /10
Director James Callis
Director Nick Cohen
Writer James Callis
Writer Nick Cohen
Release Date2002-06-21
Runtime1h 24mins
GenreDrama, Comedy
Content RatingPG-13 (PG-13)
CompanyAngel Film & Television, Angle Eye, Late Night Pictures
Julie Delpy
Julie Delpy
Jean-Yves Berteloot
Jean-Yves Berteloot
Mark Feinman
Sacha Grunpeter
Sacha Grunpeter
Jason (as Tom Redhill)
Rosanna Lowe
Rosanna Lowe
Amelia Lowdell
Amelia Lowdell
Daniel Hart
Daniel Hart
Neil Auster
Neil Auster

Beginner's Luck (2001 film)

Beginner's Luck is a 2001 British drama film directed by James Callis and Nick Cohen and starring Julie Delpy, Steven Berkoff, Christopher Cazenove, Fenella Fielding and Jean-Yves Berteloot.


  • Julie Delpy - Anya
  • Steven Berkoff - Bob
  • Christopher Cazenove - Andrew Fontaine
  • Fenella Fielding - Aunt Emily
  • Jean-Yves Berteloot - Javaad
  • James Callis - Mark
  • Tom Redhill - Jason Keritos
  • Rosanna Lowe - Hettie Burton