Follow the Stars Home (2001)


Follow the Stars Home (2001)

Two brothers - one virtuous, one feckless - are in love with the same woman. She falls for Brother Wrong, carrying a torch for him even after he deserts her. But Brother Right remains steadfast and available. What's unusual here is why the bad brother pulls his disappearing act. Mark walks out on wife Dianne after learning that the baby they're expecting has severe genetic abnormalities. Dianne is nonetheless determined to bear her child, with support from her mother and Mark's brother David, a pediatrician whose love for Dianne is unspoken but obvious. How do they cope with the challenges of raising this little girl named Julia?
IMDb   7.2 /10
TheMovieDb    6.7 /10
FilmAffinity   4.6 /10
Director Dick Lowry
Writer Luanne Rice
Writer Sally Robinson
Release Date2001-05-05
Runtime1h 43min
GenreDrama, Romance, Family
Content RatingPG (PG)
CompanyHallmark Hall of Fame Productions
Dianne Parker-McCuneas Dianne Parker-McCune
David McCuneas David McCune
Mark McCuneas Mark McCune
Amy Williamsas Amy Williams
Hannah Parkeras Hannah Parker
Tessas Tess
Buddyas Buddy
Amanda Fein
Amanda Fein
Julia Parker-McCuneas Julia Parker-McCune
Caitlin Fein
Caitlin Fein
Julia Parker-McCuneas Julia Parker-McCune
Counseloras Counselor
Admitting Nurseas Admitting Nurse
Marthaas Martha
Orderlyas Orderly
Hildyas Hildy
Nurseas Nurse
Cynthia St. John
Cynthia St. John
Nurse #2as Nurse #2
Toya A. Brown
Toya A. Brown
Aideas Aide
Debra Orenstein
Debra Orenstein
Young Librarianas Young Librarian

Follow the Stars Home

Follow the Stars Home is a 2001 American made-for-television romantic drama film directed by Dick Lowry. The film is based upon Luanne Rice's 2000 novel of the same name and was produced for the Hallmark Hall of Fame.


Brothers David and Mark McCune are both in love with Dianne Parker, their neighbor who has been living with her mother Hannah since the death of her father when she was 17 years old. Although David treats her better, Dianne falls in love with Mark. They soon marry and it does not take long before she finds out she is pregnant. But their happiness is short-lived when their doctor announces that the child will have severe genetic abnormalities. Not wanting a less-than-perfect child, Mark orders Dianne to have an abortion. Dianne refuses and Mark leaves her.

Six years later, Dianne is a single mom taking care of her handicapped child, a daughter whom she named Julia, with the help of her mother. One day, she meets young Amy Williams, who is growing up in a dysfunctional family. Her father died and her alcoholic mother Tess gets involved with an abusive man, Buddy. Amy, trying to escape from her home life during summer, starts helping Dianne care for Julia. Amy soon develops a friendship with Julia, which delights Dianne.

One day, Buddy, frustrated by the noise he is making, throws Amy's puppy from a bridge into the water. Amy, determined to save him, jumps after him and lands into the hospital. Child services are contacted and it is decided that Amy is not allowed to live with her mother anymore. Buddy is arrested and faced with the prospect of never seeing her daughter again, Tess, who still loves Amy very much, agrees to enter rehab. In the meantime, Amy is taken in by Dianne.

Tragedy strikes again when she and Amy are hit by a drunk driver. Amy suffers a broken arm, but Dianne is wounded more severely. She is visited in the hospital by Mark, who wants a second chance. After questioning his motives for a while, she decides to forgive him. David meets Mark in a diner and leads Mark to believe that Julia doesn't have long to live. Mark then proposes to Dianne and she accepts. But as they are talking about their future, Dianne realizes that Mark still doesn't care about Julia and is waiting for her to die. Hurt and infuriated, she dumps Mark for good. In the end, she accepts a proposal from David. Tess also completes rehab and reconciles with Amy.


  • Kimberly Williams as Dianne Parker-McCune
  • Campbell Scott as David McCune
  • Eric Close as Mark McCune
  • Alexa Vega as Amy Williams
  • Blair Brown as Hannah Parker
  • Roxanne Hart as Tess
  • Tim Ransom as Buddy
  • Amanda and Caitlin Fein as Julia Parker-McCune
  • Patricia Belcher as Counselor
  • Judith Drake as Admitting Nurse
  • Suzy Nakamura as Martha