Bichunmoo (2000)


Bichunmoo (2000)

It is 14th century Yuan Dynasty China, the country is under Mongolian rule and the star-crossed lovers, Jinha and Sullie, illegitimate daughter of a Mongolian commander, are caught in the middle. When her mother died, SullieÕs father, Taruga, took her away and later planned to marry her off to form an alliance with a powerful Chinese warlord. Things get worse when Jinha learns that Taruga was the person who ordered the massacre of his entire family. Fuelled by hatred, he masters his family secret martial arts, the Bichun Secret Art. Many top pugilists, who are also after the secret scroll, try to kill him. During one of such attempts, Junkwang, a rich and powerful son of a Han lord, helps Jinha. But fate has it that Junkwang is the person that Sullie is forced to marry. When Junkwang knows about their love, he plots to have Jinha killed.
South Korea
IMDb   6.2 /10
TheMovieDb    6.5 /10
FilmAffinity   5.5 /10
Director Young-jun Kim
Writer Young-jun Kim
Release Date2000-06-30
Runtime1h 58min
GenreDrama, Action, Fantasy
Content RatingTV-MA (TV-MA)
AwardsAwards1 nomination
CompanyCJ Entertainment, Taewon Entertainment
CountrySouth Korea
Yu Jinhaas Yu Jinha
Sullieas Sullie
Namgung Junkwangas Namgung Junkwang
Yu-jeong Choi
Yu-jeong Choi
Lady Yeojinas Lady Yeojin
Kwakjungas Kwakjung
Bang Hyep
Bang Hyep
Namgung Sungas Namgung Sung
Hak-Cheol Kim
Hak-Cheol Kim
General Tarugaas General Taruga
Ju-yeon Kim
Ju-yeon Kim
Ashinas Ashin
Han-garl Lee
Han-garl Lee
Changryeonas Changryeon
Tae-hwa Seo
Tae-hwa Seo
Saijuneas Saijune


Bichunmoo (Korean: 비천무; RR: Bicheonmu) is a 2000 South Korean martial arts fantasy drama film written and directed by Kim Young-jun and featuring Shin Hyun-joon, Kim Hee-sun and Jung Jin-young. At the time of its release, it was the most expensive film in Korean history (it was supplanted in 2001 by Musa).


In 12th-century China, during Mongol rule, childhood sweethearts Jinha and Sullie are separated but vow to reunite. Orphan Jinha begins training in the Bichun martial arts and discovers his father was a swordsman murdered by the Mongol army. Meanwhile, Sullie's father, a Mongol general, arranges for her to marry a Mongol noble. Believing Jinha to be dead, Sullie marries the noble. Recovering from near-death, Jinha takes on the persona of bandit Jahalang, and begins an anti-Mongol crusade with the help of his army of warriors. Finally Jin-ha and Sullie are re-united, when Jinha's bandit warriors infiltrate Sullie's family manor.


  • Shin Hyun-joon as Yu Jinha
  • Kim Hee-sun as Sullie
  • Jung Jin-young as Namgung Junkwang
  • Jang Dong-Jik as Lai
  • Choi Yoo-jung as Yeojin
  • Gi Ju-bong as Kwakjung
  • Bang Hyep as Namgung Sung
  • Kim Hak-cheol as Taruga
  • Kim Su-ro as Ashin
  • Lee Han-gal as Changryun
  • Seo Tae-hwa as Saijune


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In spite of its financial success, the film was heavily criticised on its initial release in Korea, primarily due to its alleged disloyalty to the comic book on which it was based. Another argument given against the film was the casting choice of Kim Hee-sun, who was perceived as being too modern for a period swordplay film.