The 4th Tenor (2002)


The 4th Tenor (2002)

Eternal bachelor Lupo plays the comical presenter to the musical acts in his own Italian restaurant 'Serenade Café' in New York, but operatic singer Gina is not amused, she throws him out of her dressing room- the more she insults him, the crazier the old fool gets about her. To keep him off she insists her husband must be an opera singer, so he is easily duped by Ierra, who hits on with Gina himself and ships Lupo off to his Italian cahoot, musical teacher Marcello, for lessons- actually he is so bad that even the dog runs off, and after they bribe the local opera to give him a tiny part, the sound-tortured audience chases him for his life. He passes out but is found and taken in by a winegrowers family, which gives him confidence and a killer voice...
IMDb   5.3 /10
TheMovieDb    4.3 /10
Director Harry Basil
Writer Rodney Dangerfield
Writer Harry Basil
Release Date2004-12-02
Runtime1h 37min
GenreComedy, Music, Romance
Content RatingPG-13 (PG-13)
CompanyWW & S Productions Inc.
Alphonseas Alphonse
Ierraas Ierra
Mamaas Mama
Marioas Mario
Vincenzoas Vincenzo
Peteyas Petey
Nunzioas Nunzio
Anney Giobbe
Anney Giobbe
Francescaas Francesca
Marcelloas Marcello
Robertoas Roberto
Johnnyas Johnny
Tonyas Tony
Soniaas Sonia
Bum #1as Bum #1

The 4th Tenor

The 4th Tenor is a 2002 American comedy film directed by Harry Basil and written by and starring Rodney Dangerfield.


Lupo falls in love with an Italian woman who rejects him, insisting that she will only marry a great opera singer. Lupo travels to Italy in hopes of learning how to sing opera music.


  • Rodney Dangerfield as Lupo
  • Anita De Simone as Rosa
  • Annabelle Gurwitch as Gina
  • Charles Fleischer as Alphonse
  • Robert Davi as Ierra
  • Hamilton Camp as Papa
  • Elsa Raven as Mama
  • Jacob Urrutia as Mario
  • Richard Libertini as Vincenzo
  • Dom Irrera as Petey
  • Patrick Cupo as Nunzio
  • Anney Giobbe as Francesca
  • Vincent Schiavelli as Marcello
  • Pierrino Mascarino as Roberto
  • Marty Belafsky as Johnny
  • Don Stark as Tony
  • Lisa Mende as Sonia