Phantom of the Megaplex (2000)


Phantom of the Megaplex (2000)

17 year old Pete Riley works at the local 26-screen megaplex. He, the senior manager of the theater, and all the other employees are working to keep the theater neat for the giant premiere gala that night where they are going to premiere "Midnight Mayhem". He also has to keep his younger siblings out of the way for the premiere. He also has his girlfriend and her friend going to an early movie heading into the premiere. The movies are having major screw-ups like real tornadoes or title problems.
IMDb  6.5 /10
Director Blair Treu
Writer Stu Krieger
Release Date2000-11-10
Runtime1h 29mins
GenreAction, Comedy, Family, Mystery
Content RatingTV-G (TV-G)
Awards3 nominations.
CompanyGrossbart Barnett Productions
CountryUSA, Canada
Brian Riley
Shawn MacGibbon
J.J. Stocker
J.J. Stocker
Lisa Ng
Lisa Ng
Heather Bertram
Heather Bertram

Phantom of the Megaplex

Phantom of the Megaplex is a 2000 American comedy mystery film and Disney Channel Original Movie, produced by the Disney Channel. With a title and concept very loosely based on The Phantom of the Opera, the film concerns strange happenings at a monstrous megaplex on the night of a major movie premiere gala, Midnight Mayhem.

The central character, played by Taylor Handley, is Pete Riley, the 17-year-old assistant manager of the theater. He has to cope with malfunctioning equipment, disappearing staff, and a broken popcorn machine, among other headaches. He investigates to see if the troubles are coincidence or the result of sabotage by a mysterious "phantom". The senior manager of the theater is played by Rich Hutchman, and Ricky Mabe, Julia Chantrey, Joanne Boland, J.J. Stocker, and Lisa Ng appear as other employees of the theater. Caitlin Wachs and Jacob Smith play the central character's younger siblings, and Heather and Jennifer Bertram appear as his love interest and her friend.


17-year-old Pete Riley works as the assistant manager at the local 26-screen grand megaplex, a job that he loves and spends the majority of his time at. Rumor has it that the megaplex is haunted by a "phantom", someone who was trapped inside the old movie theater that was demolished to build the current megaplex. Pete, senior manager Shawn MacGibbon, the other employees, and an elderly member of the family who once owned the original theater known as "Movie Mason" (played by Mickey Rooney) who loves movies and thinks he works at the megaplex, are working to prepare the theater for the star-studded premiere of the new Hollywood blockbuster Midnight Mayhem. Wolfgang Nedermayer, the owner of the megaplex, is to be among the guests. To Pete's disappointment, he is forced to bring along his younger siblings, 13-year-old Karen and 10-year-old Bryan, to the theater while their widowed mother goes out on a date with her boyfriend George.

Pete dumps his siblings in a movie (which Karen ditches to see a horror movie with her friends) so he can focus on setting up for the premiere, but problems begin to pop up all through the megaplex. The other movies begin to suffer mishaps, which Karen and Bryan realize are all related to the titles of the films being shown (for example, a theater showing a movie called Cyclone Summer has a giant fan moved in front of the screen, which blows everyone out of their seats). Pete, Karen, and Bryan work together and discover that the rumored phantom is behind these acts of sabotage. Through online spoilers, Bryan and Karen are able to learn the movie's plot, and Pete is able to stop the phantom from sabotaging the premiere. The phantom is revealed to be Shawn, who Nedermayer immediately fires; however, Shawn explodes with anger as he did all this so Nedermayer would finally notice him (and get his name right, since he never did). Shawn is then offered partnership by the director of Midnight Mayhem to make a movie based on his exploits—Phantom of the Megaplex: The Shawn McGibbon Story.

Nedermayer offers Pete the job of senior manager at the megaplex, something Pete has always wanted. Though Pete tells Nedermayer that he'd be honored, he turns down the job. Inspired by Karen and Bryan from their help exposing Shawn as the phantom, Pete realizes the importance of his childhood and doesn't want to waste it anymore, asking for the rest of the night off; Nedermayer complies, giving Pete money to treat his girlfriend Caitlin Kerrigan to a nice breakfast after the film. George proposes to Julie, as per suggested by Bryan who said a 4 star ending was needed to wrap things up. As everyone enters the movie theater, Movie Mason explains to Bryan that he never once believed in the Phantom of the Megaplex; however, "the Werewolf of the Megaplex is another story." Both enter the theater as an employee, known for her horrifying tales, "Scary Terri" closes the doors as a wolf howl sounds.


  • Taylor Handley as Pete Riley, 17-year-old assistant manager of the theater.
  • Caitlin Wachs as Karen Riley, Pete's 13-year-old sister.
  • Jacob Smith as Bryan Riley, Pete's perceptive 10-year-old brother.
  • Corinne Bohrer as Julie Riley, Pete's widowed mother.
  • John Novak as George, Mrs. Riley's boyfriend.
  • Mickey Rooney as Movie Mason, elderly movie fan. His family opened the old theater before the megaplex was built. When the theater closed down and the megaplex opened, Mason thought that he worked there, though technically he doesn't. He comes to the theater every day and is welcomed and well liked by all the staff, except Shawn. He was a possible suspect of being the phantom.
  • Rich Hutchman as Shawn MacGibbon, the theater's senior manager, who is constantly worried about his job. In order to get noticed by Wolfgang Nedermayer, he disguises himself as the phantom, causing problems all over the theater until finally being revealed by Pete.
  • Colin Fox as Wolfgang Nedermayer, the owner of the megaplex. He NEVER gets Shawn's name right.
  • Ellen-Ray Hennessy as Tory Hicks.
  • Carlo Rota as Tyler Jesseman, the director of Midnight Mayhem.
  • Eric Hempsall as Lamonica, new manager.
  • Ricky Mabe as Ricky Leary (aka Ricky Rules), theater worker, has the correct procedure for anything and does everything by the book.
  • Julia Chantrey as Terri Tortora (aka Scary Terri), theater worker, loves telling scary stories about the megaplex.
  • Joanne Boland as Hilary Horan (aka Hillary Honey), theater worker, described as a grandma in a teenage body due to her caring personality.
  • J.J. Stocker as Mark Jeffries (aka Question Mark), theater worker, a bit slow-witted, always asking questions.
  • Lisa Ng as Lacy Ling (aka Racy Lacy), theater worker, known for being quick in movement and personality.
  • Joe Pingue as Merle, the theater's head projectionist, even on a simple question he has a habit of saying too complicated techno answer in return. He was a possible suspect of being the phantom.
  • Heather Bertram as Caitlin Kerigan, a girl Pete has a crush on.
  • Jennifer Bertram as Lisa, Caitlin's friend.
  • Jeff Berg as Donny Hollie, Pete's rival.
  • Daniel DeSanto (credited as Daniel De Santo) as Zeke, theater worker.
  • Nicole Hardy as April Popko, Karen's friend with whom she sees a scary movie despite Julie not letting her.
  • Sarah Gadon as Sarah, April's friend.

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