Der Felsen (2002)


Der Felsen (2002)

Katrin and Jürgen spend their holidays in Corsica. Katrin is in her mid-thirties, working as a tracer at Jürgen's company who suddenly remembers he's married -- but not with Kathrin. So they decide to end their vacation earlier than they had planned. Virtually a second before they start to drive back to the airport, Katrin takes her belongings out of Jürgens car again and lets him go. Now being alone for the remaining days of her vacation, Katrin finds herself more and more bewildered by the things that happened to her. She tries to calm herself down a bit by strolling around, visiting clubs and bars and discotheques, having a gentle one night stand with two men passing by, things like that... Then she meets Malte, a 17 year old criminal from Berlin, who is serving time in a reform camp. Malte falls in love with that friendly but sad and disappointed woman. It takes some time for Katrin to realize what's going on, then she feels more and more sympathy for that little bandit who, in a way, is a bit like her. Torn between Katrin and the camp, Malte causes more and more trouble, and in the end Katrin tries to help him escape from the island. But things end up differently.
IMDb   6.6 /10
TheMovieDb    5.0 /10
Director Dominik Graf
Writer Markus Busch
Writer Dominik Graf
Release Date2002-07-24
Runtime2h 2min
GenreDrama, Thriller
Content Rating
AwardsAwards7 wins & 6 nominations
CompanyBavaria Film, MTM Medien & Television, Starhaus Filmproduktion
LanguageGerman, English, French, Swedish
Katrin Engelhardtas Katrin Engelhardt
Malte Gosrauas Malte Gosrau
Kai Gosrauas Kai Gosrau
Jürgen Benthagenas Jürgen Benthagen
Robertas Robert
Caroline Schreiber
Caroline Schreiber
Foster motheras Foster mother
Ulrich Gebauer
Ulrich Gebauer
Foster fatheras Foster father
Lothar Bakan
Lothar Bakan
Vater Malteas Vater Malte
Jim Bardeglinu
Jim Bardeglinu
Rausschmeisseras Rausschmeisser
Stéphane Bardeglinu
Stéphane Bardeglinu
Geschäftsführeras Geschäftsführer
Bernhardas Bernhard
Mathieu Camus
Mathieu Camus
Kioskbesitzeras Kioskbesitzer
Jean Pierre Capbern
Jean Pierre Capbern
Pförtneras Pförtner
Josephas Joseph
Cécé Couprie
Cécé Couprie
Zimmerwirtinas Zimmerwirtin
Daniel Delhorme
Daniel Delhorme
Arztas Arzt
Strassenhändleras Strassenhändler

A Map of the Heart

A Map of the Heart (German: Der Felsen) is a 2002 German drama film directed by Dominik Graf.


  • Karoline Eichhorn - Katrin Engelhardt
  • Antonio Wannek - Malte Gosrau
  • Sebastian Urzendowsky - Kai Gosrau
  • Ralph Herforth - Jürgen Benthagen
  • Peter Lohmeyer - Robert
  • Caroline Schreiber - Foster mother
  • Ulrich Gebauer - Foster father