Kariyila Kattu Pole (1986)


Kariyila Kattu Pole (1986)

Mohanlal is the police officer investigating the murder of the ace writer and film director Harikrishnan (Mammootty). His investigation leads him to suspect three ladies, all of them seem to be present at the crime scene, but have hardly any reason to murder him. Later he discovers that all three have their own reasons to murder him.
IMDb   7.6 /10
TheMovieDb    5.9 /10
Director P. Padmarajan
Writer P. Padmarajan
Writer Sudhakar P. Nair
Release Date1986-03-21
Runtime2h 17mins
GenreCrime, Mystery, Thriller
Content RatingNot Rated (Not Rated)
Inspector Achuthankutty
Anil Kumar
Unni Mary
Unni Mary
Bhaginisevamayi / Parvathi (as Unnimary)
Prem Prakash
Prem Prakash
Harikrishnan's Friend
Kothuku Nanappan
Kothuku Nanappan
Krishnan Kutty Nair
Krishnan Kutty Nair
Appu Pillai

Kariyilakkattu Pole

Kariyilakkattu Pole (transl. Like a zephyr of dry leaves) is a 1986 Indian Malayalam-language mystery thriller film written and directed by P. Padmarajan. It is based on the radio drama Sisirathil Oru Prabhatham by Sudhakar Mangalodayam, the plot follows DySP Achuthankutty who is investigating the murder of a film director, Harikrishnan. The film stars Mohanlal, Mammootty, Rahman, Sripriya, Karthika, Jalaja, and Unni Mary. The background score was composed by Johnson.


Harikrishnan, a famous movie director, is found dead at his house one morning. Deputy Superintendent of Police Achuthankutty is assigned to probe the death. Anilkumar, his younger brother, is in love with Shilpa, who is in shock after receiving news of the murder. Achuthan Kutty's investigation leads to three different female suspects.

A women's shoe from the murder scene and other shreds of evidence leads Achuthankutty to conclude that a woman was the killer. Achuthankutty finds Parvathi's (Unni Mary) photograph in Harikrishnan's diary. The investigation leads it to a middle-aged woman, Bhagini Sevamayi, leading the life of a Saint in a Hindu Ashramam. He arrests her as she refuses to answer his questions. Shilpa tries to talk to Achuthankutty because Bhagini is her aunt.

He is told about a relation between Harikrishnan and Shilpa. He is not able to figure out whether the relationship is paternal or romantic. Shilpa breaks down and tells him that Harikrishnan was like an uncle and guide for her, but somehow her mother could not digest their relationship. Achuthankutty then uncovers Harikrishnan's past from Shilpa's mother.

As lecturers in their youth, Harikrishnan was trying to woo her friend. She tried to stand between them, and Harikrishnan rapes her. Her dejected friend eventually took up the life of a nun. Shilpa is Harikrishnan's illicit child and she was unhappy with their relationship because she suspected Harikrishnan would abuse his own daughter. She accepts that she had planned to kill Harikrishnan, but found him dead when she arrived at his house.

Achuthankutty decides to question Shilpa and her mother again, with more brutal methods. His broth Anil unsuccessfully tries to change his mind. Anil finally confesses his love for Shilpa, became jealous of Harikrishnan and killed him. He then commits suicide, leaving a bewildered Achuthankutty staring at his corpse. Achuthankutty burns Anil's suicide note.


  • Mohanlal as DySP Achuthankutty
  • Mammootty as Film director Harikrishnan
  • Rahman as Anil Kumar / Achuthankutty's brother
  • Karthika as Shilpa
  • Sripriya as Shilpa's mother
  • Jalaja as Ragini
  • Unni Mary as Bhaginisevamayi / Parvathi
  • Valsala Menon as actress Thulasi's mother
  • Krishnankutty Nair as watchman Appu Pilla
  • Prem Prakash as Menon


The film is based on the radio drama Sisirathil Oru Prabhatham written by Sudhakar Mangalodayam and broadcast on Akashavani. His name was credited as Sudhakar P. Nair in the film. The film was first titled Aram (അറം), but later changed to Kariyilakkattu Pole due to superstitious reasons. The title was taken from a short story written by Padmarajan titled "Kariyilakkattu Pole".