Sausalito (2000)


Sausalito (2000)
Yi jian zhong qing (original title)

Ella is a divorced Chinese American taxi driver who spends her days ferrying people around the roads of Sausalito, San Francisco. After work, she spends time with her 8-year old son, Scott. Ella meets Mike at Sky House, an infamous pick-up joint. Awkward strangers at first, they nonetheless find passion and what they want in each other. For Mike, it was but a one night stand amongst many, but it has affected Ella a great deal. Irritated at first, Mike cannot help but eventually be touched by Ella's sincerity. For a while, they spend happy times together. But when Mike's company is threatened, his attempts to save it by having an affair with a lady chairman. Not only are his efforts in vain, they also cause Ella to leave him. A year has passed and Ella has gone back to her old job. Mike, successful again with his new company, realizes that Ella is his only love. But a more mature Ella is now able to see her infatuation for what it is. It finally takes a near disaster to bring two ...
Hong Kong
IMDb  5.8 /10
Director Andrew Lau
Writer Sap Sam Chan
Release Date2000-04-20
Runtime1h 38mins
Content Rating
CompanyB.O.B. and Partners
CountryHong Kong, USA
LanguageEnglish, Cantonese
Scott Leung
Scott Leung
AnnieScott Rogers
AnnieScott Rogers
Wealthy Lady
Virginia Chow
Taxi driver
Mark Hefti
Mark Hefti
Jeffrey Lei
Jeffrey Lei
Taxi Driver (as King Kong)
Mike's friend
Homeless Man (as Jed Low)
Andrew Schmidt
Andrew Schmidt
Chinese speaking caucasian

Sausalito (film)

Sausalito a.k.a. Love at First Sight (Chinese: 一見鍾情) is a 2000 Hong Kong film directed by Andrew Lau.

Cast and roles

  • Maggie Cheung - Ellen
  • Leon Lai - Mike
  • Scott Leong - Scott
  • Saisie M. Jang - Mel G
  • AnnieScott Rogers - Wealthy Lady
  • Valerie Chow - Virginia Chow
  • Alan Draven - Taxi driver
  • Mark Hefti - Tony
  • Eric Kot - Bob
  • Suki Kwan - Tina
  • Carl Ng - Mike's friend
  • Richard Ng - Robert
  • Jed Rowen - Homeless Man (credited as Jed Low)
  • Edmund Oscar Tam - Kid's Friend
  • Karl-Heinz Teuber
  • Theresa Walsh - Hot girl in bar
  • Tamara Torres - Bus stop patron (uncredited)
  • Jude S. Walko - Fillmore groupie (uncredited)
  • Jeffrey Lei - Taxi driver (credited as King Kong)

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