The Black Flag Waves Over the Scow (1971)


The Black Flag Waves Over the Scow (1971)
Le drapeau noir flotte sur la marmite (original title)

Old man Victor, is a bore of a grocer who always tells sailing tales of the seven seas. None believes him, but his nephew wins a model boat building contest and gets to make the model into an actual boat. This is where Uncle Victor comes in, as a supervisor for the construction, and when the funds for the boat fall through, he even chips in to finish the build. Having been constructed in the backyard, however, makes it tough to get to the Seine River. The whole family has to chip in as one thing after another goes awry. What will become of the troublesome boat, and will Victor ever return to the grocery?
IMDb  5.6 /10
Release Date1971-10-13
Runtime1h 30mins
GenreComedy, Drama
Content Rating
CompanyMarianne Productions, Profilm
Victor Ploubaz
Antoine Simonet
Raymond Meunier
Raymond Meunier
Paulette Simonet
Ravasson, l'instituteur
Léontine Coulibeaux
Camille Coulibeaux
Mme Volabruque (as Gilberte Geniat)
Eric Damain
Eric Damain
Pierre Simonet
Marie-Ange Ploubaz
Alexandre Volabruque (as Claude Pieplu)