Believe (2000)


Believe (2000)

After being continually kicked out of boarding schools, Ben is sent to live with his stern Grandfather in a small town. While there, no one is interested in him with the exception of a girl named Kathrine. The two become fast friends despite the unexplained protests from Ben's grandfather and Katherine's uncle. Almost as soon as he arrives, Ben begins to see the ghost of a woman around his grandfather's house. He and Katherine want to help the ghost who holds a connection to both of their families. As they research the past, Ben and Katherine find out that sometimes all you need to do to help someone is to believe.
IMDb   5.2 /10
TheMovieDb    5.8 /10
Director Robert Tinnell
Writer Richard Goudreau
Writer Roc Lafortune
Writer Robert Tinnell
Release Date2000-04-17
Runtime1h 36min
GenreFamily, Horror
Content RatingPG (PG)
AwardsAwards1 nomination
CompanyLions Gate Films, Melenny Productions
Benjamin Stilesas Benjamin Stiles
Cliffas Cliff
Mortimer Higginsas Mortimer Higgins
Thad Stilesas Thad Stiles
Meredith Stilesas Meredith Stiles
Chip Chuipka
Chip Chuipka
Perkinsas Perkins
Katherine Winsloweas Katherine Winslowe
Jason Stilesas Jason Stiles
Una Kay
Una Kay
Margaretas Margaret
Mary Alice Stilesas Mary Alice Stiles
Courtney Hartneyas Courtney Hartney
Ellicott Winsloweas Ellicott Winslowe
Matt Smiley
Matt Smiley
Frank #1as Frank #1
Patrick Thomas
Patrick Thomas
Frank #2as Frank #2
Muriel Twymanas Muriel Twyman
Neighboras Neighbor