The Criminal Shall Not Escape (1965)


The Criminal Shall Not Escape (1965)
Ko mne, Mukhtar! (original title)

Mukhtar comes to live and work at the police kennels through rather unusual circumstances. Together with his handler, Glazychev, Mukhtar helps to solve large and small crimes.
Soviet Union
IMDb   7.7 /10
TheMovieDb    7.4 /10
Director Semyon Tumanov
Writer Izrail Metter
Release Date1965-03-13
Runtime1h 22mins
Content Rating
CountrySoviet Union
Nikolay Glazychev (as Yu. Nikulin)
Sergey Prokofyevich mayor (as V. Yemelyanov)
Stepan Dugovets (as L. Kmit)
Larionov (as Yu. Belov)
Alla Larionova
Alla Larionova
Kolesova (as A. Larionova)
Fyodor Nikitin
Fyodor Nikitin
Trofim Zyryanov vetvrach (as F. Nikitin)
Nikolay Kryuchkov
Nikolay Kryuchkov
Komissar (as N. Kryuchkov)
Operativnik (as V. Bryleyev)
'Ryba' (as L. Durov)
Sergei Golovanov
Sergei Golovanov
Aleksandr Kolesov (as S. Golovanov)
Starshiy instruktor (as V. Gulyayev)
Tamara Loginova
Tamara Loginova
Glazycheva (as T. Loginova)
Iya Marks
Iya Marks
babka Fedi (as I. Marks)
Dmitriy Masanov
Dmitriy Masanov
Polkovnik (as D. Masanov)
Fedya (as Yu. Medvedev)

Come Here, Mukhtar!

Come Here, Mukhtar! (Russian: Ко мне, Мухтар!, romanized: Ko mne, Mukhtar!) is a 1965 drama film directed by Semyon Tumanov.


East-European shepherd nicknamed Mukhtar was abandoned in railcar. Second Lieutenant Nikolay Glazychev who was caused to the station, release the dog and bring him to the nursery. Woman, who abandoned dog, was found, but she refuses dog and sells him to militsiya for 100 rubles. Mukhtar was assigned to Glazychev, who begins to "convert" his pet dog to service one. Mukhtar gradually gets used to his guide, though with some problems, he completed his studies.

Mukhtar's service begins. Dog predominantly engages in household cases. Crimes solved with the use of Mukhtar, though small, but in large quantities; as a result, the amount of theft, "returned" by Mukhtar, exceeds 3 million pre-reform Soviet rubles.

When the former owner with her husband, who was admiral, came to the police kennel to see the dog, he rushed at her. It had developed a conditioned reflex: "Only the guide has the right to call him by name".

In winter, Mukhtar is on the trail of a recidivist Frolov, who killed the kolkhoz farm guard, and the traces of the bandit are covered by a strong snowstorm. During detention recidivist, who armed with a pistol, hit Mukhtar by two bullets, but the dog from last forces clung to the throat of the criminal. Mukhtar survived, but unable to serve, and, despite all the efforts of Glazychev, the dog was discarded.

Glazychev walks the chain of command and, in the end, met militsiya Commissioner, who led the arrest of a repeat offender Frolov and remember the contribution of the Mukhtar in the operation. Finally official permission to leave the Mukhtar of merit at the nursery on state allowance was received.

History of creation

Mukhtar was modelled after the heroic dog Sultan. In ten years of police service Sultan took part in five thousand operations, detained more than a thousand criminals, and found stolen property worth three million rubles. After the death of the Sultan his body stuffed and exhibited at the Museum of Leningrad Criminal Investigation Department with a detailed description of the merits. In 1959 the famous Soviet writer Izrail Metter visited the museum.

Being a great lover of dogs, Metter became interested in the fate of this dog and decided to dedicate one of his works of literature.

So there was a psychological novel called Mukhtar (the author has changed the dog's name), published in 1960 magazine Novy Mir. The story turned out to be quite successful, and the management of Mosfilm has started its film adaptation, with scriptwriting by Metter himself.


  • Yuri Nikulin as Lieutenant Glazychev
  • dog Dyke as Mukhtar
  • Vladimir Yemelyanov as Sergey Prokofyevich, Colonel, head of nursery
  • Leonid Kmit as Stepan Dugovets
  • Yuri Belov as Larionov
  • Alla Larionova as Masha, Mukhtar's former mistress
  • Fyodor Nikitin as veterinarian Zyryanov
  • Nikolai Kryuchkov as police Commissioner
  • Sergey Golovanov as Admiral Kolesov
  • Lev Durov as a thief-recidivist
  • Ivan Ryzhov as captain
  • Iya Marx as Fyodor's grandmother
  • Ekaterina Savinova as Vera
  • Vladimir Gulyaev as militia captain
  • Vadim Zakharchenko as investigator