The Extreme Adventures of Super Dave (2000)


The Extreme Adventures of Super Dave (2000)

After a backfiring stunt and a mishap-filled New Year's Eve 1999, klutzy and legendary stuntman Super Dave Osborne decides to hang up the crash helmet and retire. Coupled with financial problems, a double-crossing protégé' named D.J., and slimy promoter and arch-nemesis Gil Ruston, things do not look good for the super one. However, he meets klutzy mother Sandy and her son Timmy, who has a heart condition, who he immediately takes a shine to. When D.J.'s taunting prompts Timmy to attempt to jump a ramp with his bicycle (and fail), he aggravates his heart condition and requires an operation, forcing Super Dave to accept an offer from Ruston to do a stunt to get the necessary money for Timmy's operation.
IMDb   5 /10
TheMovieDb    4.7 /10
Director Peter MacDonald
Writer Bob Einstein
Writer Allan Blye
Writer Don Lake
Release Date2000-01-10
Runtime1h 31min
Content RatingPG (PG)
CompanyMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Morra, Brezner, Steinberg and Tenenbaum Entertainment (MBST), Blye-Einstein Productions
Super Dave Osborneas Super Dave Osborne
Gil Rustonas Gil Ruston
Sandyas Sandy
Donaldas Donald
Fujias Fuji
Michaelas Michael
Carl Michael Lindner
Carl Michael Lindner
Little Timmyas Little Timmy
Ray Charlesas Ray Charles
Michael Bufferas Michael Buffer
Evander Holyfieldas Evander Holyfield
John Elway
John Elway
John Elwayas John Elway
Hairdresseras Hairdresser
Manicuristas Manicurist
Shana Marie
Shana Marie
Pedicuristas Pedicurist
Woman Fanas Woman Fan
Eddie The Security Manas Eddie The Security Man
Charlene Harns
Charlene Harns
Tipsy Womanas Tipsy Woman