Maisie Raine (1998–1999)


Maisie Raine (TV Series 1998–1999)

A female detective inspector with a big attitude winds up her troops and her superiors, but gets good results. In addition to her work, she also has to cope with her ne'er-do-well kid brother.
IMDb   7.6 /10
Creator Rob Evans
Creator Claire Winyard
Creator Stephen Bill
Creator Shaun Duggan
Release Date1998-07-27
GenreCrime, Drama
Content Rating
CompanyFair Game Films
D.I. Maisie Raineas D.I. Maisie Raine
C.S. Jack Freemanas C.S. Jack Freeman
Steve John Shepherd
Steve John Shepherd
D.C. George Kyprianouas D.C. George Kyprianou…
D.C. Helen Tomlinas D.C. Helen Tomlin
D.S. Mickey Farrelas D.S. Mickey Farrel
D.C.I. Susan Askeyas D.C.I. Susan Askey
Kelvin Raineas Kelvin Raine
D.C. Stephen Holmesas D.C. Stephen Holmes
T.I. Chris Malloryas T.I. Chris Mallory
Stella Moray
Stella Moray
Joanas Joan
Mark Heal
Mark Heal
Desk Sgt. Phillipsas Desk Sgt. Phillips…
Davidas David
Gordon Dakeras Gordon Daker
Ray Bancroftas Ray Bancroft
Dominic Taylor
Dominic Taylor
D.C. Pryoras D.C. Pryor
Darren Tighe
Darren Tighe
Gavin McKayas Gavin McKay
Carlas Carl
D.S. Dermot Walshas D.S. Dermot Walsh

Maisie Raine

Maisie Raine is a British television crime drama series, first broadcast on BBC One, that ran from 28 July 1998 to 9 July 1999. Pauline Quirke stars as the eponymous title character, an unorthodox detective whose hands on yet down-to-earth approach is not always appreciated by her superiors. Created by Stephen Bill, a total of twelve episodes were broadcast across two series. The first series features a running story arc involving Maisie's wayward brother Kelvin (Paul Reynolds), and had a much lighter feel than the second, which featured grittier storylines including drug dealing, armed robbery, arson and murder.

Throughout the series, Maisie is portrayed as a strong and dedicated detective, often stepping on toes and bending the rules to get results, and even becoming personally involved with the victims of each case. She often clashes with her superior officer, Jack Freeman (Ian McElhinney), who also appears to hold a romantic torch for her, while George Kyprianou (Steve John Shepherd), a junior constable on her team, often proves to be her best ally in the field. Maisie also receives help from her loyal housekeeper Joan (Stella Moray). Although neither series has been released on DVD, repeats of the series are regularly shown on Drama and Alibi.


  • Pauline Quirke as DI Maisie Raine
  • Ian McElhinney as DCS Jack Freeman
  • Anna Patrick as DCI Susan Askey (Series 1)
  • Richard Graham as DS Mickey Farrel
  • Rakie Ayola as DC Helen Tomlin
  • Steve John Shepherd as DC George Kyprianou
  • Brian Bovell as DC Stephen Holmes (Series 1)
  • Dean Lennox Kelly as DC Chris Mallory (Series 2)
  • Paul Reynolds as Kelvin Raine (Series 1)
  • Stella Moray as Joan Hobson (Series 2)


Series 1 (1998)

EpisodeTitleWritten byDirected byViewers
Original airdate
1"Happy Families"Stephen BillRob Evans8.0728 July 1998
Maisie is furious to be recalled from holiday to investigate a brutal assault of young man, found severely injured in the middle of an empty football ground.
2"Food of Love"Jo O'KeefeDavid Innes Edwards6.604 August 1998
Maisie and the team investigate a brutal assault on a pensioner, but find that the local community have erected a wall of silence to stall the investigation.
3"Go Bananas"Shaun DugganRob Evans6.7711 August 1998
Maisie investigates when a popular television host claims that he is the victim of a stalker, but as the case begins to unravel, it appears he could have been faking it all along.
4"An Ordinary Little Tragedy"Gillian RichmondDavid Innes Edwards6.7818 August 1998
Maisie deals with a complex case involving the disappearance of a young girl, who was threatening to desert her immigrant family and return home to her native country.
5"Getting to Be a Habit"Stephen TredreClaire Winyard6.5725 August 1998
Maisie reluctantly accepts to investigate when her brother, Kelvin, is robbed and money is taken. However, the case appears to be less straightforward than she first thought.
6"A Blast from the Past"Stephen BillClaire Winyard5.511 September 1998
Maisie tries to talk down a suicidal woman from jumping to her death, but finds herself drawn into an unsolved murder from six years previously.

Series 2 (1999)

EpisodeTitleWritten byDirected byViewers
Original airdate
1"Can't See For Looking"Stephen BillBob Mahoney6.684 June 1999
Maisie becomes concerned that George is becoming too involved with his latest informant, but the new trainee inspector takes things a step further by putting her life at risk when he bungles a surveillance operation on a major drug dealer who is also possibly implicated in a murder.
2"European Forty-Five"John MilneBob Mahoney6.4811 June 1999
Maisie and the team investigate an armed robbery at an off-licence, but discover that possible local witnesses have been scaremongered into keeping quiet.
3"ID"John MilneClaire Winyard7.0318 June 1999
Maisie tackles a series of murders connected to local drug gangs, but is forced to contend with an outbreak of gang warfare. Meanwhile, Tomlin loses her warrant card and is forced to explain herself when it is used for criminal purposes.
4"Old Scores"Neil McKayClaire Winyard6.1925 June 1999
Maisie investigates the firebombing of a home belonging to a former police officer, and immediately suspects an ex-convict, who he helped to convict, who has recently been released from prison.
5"The Witness"John MilneRob Evans6.232 July 1999
Maisie comes to the aid of a man who is forced to smuggle illegal immigrants and alcohol into the country by a pair of loan sharks whom he owes £2,000 to.
6"To Sleep..."Stephen BillRob Evans6.639 July 1999
Maisie is forced to juggle two particularly complex cases, investigating the disappearance of a police officer's son, and an organised gang stealing valuable cars to order from a hotel car park.