UFO: Target Earth (1974)


UFO: Target Earth (1974)

Alan Grimes, an electronic communication specialist for Gainsville University, becomes intrigued by accounts of UFOs near the Buford Power Plant after accidentally intercepting a military call to scramble some jets. He questions an astronomy professor colleague about UFOs and life on other planets before enlisting the aid of Vivian, a young woman who seems able to sense other beings she describes as pure energy. Alan and Vivian visit eye witnesses, military officials and power plant employees. Alan then uses computer analysis the data. The print-out pinpoints the lake near the power plant as the epicenter of all the phenomena. This concurs with the locals talking about lights plunging into the lake at times, especially during power outages. Once his gets his electronic equipment set up with the assistance of two faculty colleagues, he detects signals arising from the lake. They are from aliens whose spacecraft crashed into the lake a thousand years ago. They need the creative mind ...
IMDb   2.5 /10
TheMovieDb    2.7 /10
Director Alessandro De Gaetano
Writer Alessandro De Gaetano
Release Date1974-06-07
Runtime1h 20min
Content RatingG (G)
CompanyCentrum International Film
Nick Plakias
Nick Plakias
Alan Grimes
Dr. Mansfield
Gen. David Gallagher
Woman on Veranda
Planetarium Receptionist
Billy Crane
Billy Crane
Tom Harper
Tom Harper
Ed Lynch
Ed Lynch
University Professor
Ida Agree
Ida Agree
Luann McMann
Luann McMann
Farm Couple
George Lafia
George Lafia
Farm Couple
Johnny Baker
Johnny Baker

UFO: Target Earth

UFO: Target Earth (also known as Target Earth) is a 1974 American film directed by Michael A. DeGaetano.

Plot summary

The film opens with "'eyewitness accounts' recounting incredible UFO sightings and abductions", according to sci-fi scholar Howard Hughes. The story follows an electronics expert (Alan Grimes) who picks up strange signals: he then finds the signals are coming from a rural section in his area, and tries to find out if this is the start of an invasion from space. He enlists the help of a psychic "sensitive" (Vivian), and two fellow university computer electronics experts (Dr. Mansfield and Dan Rivers), and together they trace the source to a location somewhere beneath the surface of a lake. The alien presence discloses itself to Alan as formless energy trapped there 1000 years by the fears of humans, which impose shapes on them. Alan is the source of the energy they need to return. All he has to do is set aside his fears and die. They tell him that in the whole history of the human race only three had ascended and now he will be the fourth to ascend. Alan rapidly ages, walks into the lake, fights off Dan's attempts to restrain him, and dies. Dan frantically pulls Alan's skeletal remains back onto the shore, the energy pattern departs into space, and the screen displays a quote from Revelations 5.9.


  • Nick Plakias as Alan Grimes
  • Cynthia Cline as Vivian
  • LaVerne Light as Dr. Mansfield
  • Tom Arcuragi as Dan Rivers
  • Phil Erickson as Dr. Whitham
  • Brooks Clift as Gen. David Gallagher
  • Martha Corrigan as Woman on Veranda
  • Kathleen Long as Planetarium Receptionist
  • Billy Crane as Alan
  • Tom Harper as Interviewer
  • Ed Lynch as University Professor
  • Ida Agree as Housewife
  • Luann McMann as Farm Couple
  • George Lafia as Farm Couple
  • Johnny Baker as Rancher
  • Sam Durrance as Rancher


The film was shot in and around Atlanta, Georgia. Locations include Fernbank Science Center, Manuel's Tavern and Stone Mountain State Park.

Later releases

The film was released on VHS on 12 June 1989. It is also available on the internet, and on DVD (in two different cuts).


The soundtrack featured electronic music plus the song "Between the Ceiling and the Sky" by the group Eclipse.


Howard Hughes commented that "the movie is so cheap as to be oddly unsettling". Hughes remarks that the "plot makes no sense whatsoever".