The Famous Five (1995–1997)


The Famous Five (TV Series 1995–1997)

Based on the best selling books by popular children's author Enid Blyton; when Julian, Dick and Anne are sent to live with their Aunt and uncle in the English countryside they clash with their rebellious cousin Georgina who likes to be known as George. However, it's not long before strange goings on in their local area have them putting their differences aside and teaming up to stop a famous drug smuggling ring. Queue the beginnings of lots of mystery solving for the famous five which also includes the lovable dog Timmy.
IMDb   7.4 /10
TheMovieDb    8.0 /10
FilmAffinity   6.2 /10
Creator Tim Leandro
Creator Michael Kerrigan
Creator Enid Blyton
Creator Richard Carpenter
Release Date1995-09-09
GenreAdventure, Family
Content Rating
AwardsAwards1 nomination
CompanyPortman Productions, Zenith North Ltd., Framestore
CountryUK, Canada, Germany
Georgeas George
Julianas Julian
Dickas Dick
Anneas Anne
Timmyas Timmy
Joanas Joan
Quentinas Quentin
Francesas Frances
Snifferas Sniffer…
Mrs. Jonesas Mrs. Jones
James Tomlinson
James Tomlinson
Tinkeras Tinker
Mrs. Lenoiras Mrs. Lenoir
Vanessa Cavanagh
Vanessa Cavanagh
Joas Jo
Blockas Block
Mr. Lenoiras Mr. Lenoir
Graham Ryder
Graham Ryder
Police Sergeantas Police Sergeant…
Barlingas Barling

The Famous Five (1995 TV series)

The Famous Five is a British television series based on the children's book series of the same name by Enid Blyton. It was first broadcast on Tyne-Tees and Harlech Television (HTV) from 10 September 1995 onwards, and on CITV (the children's strand of ITV) from 1 July 1996 onwards; there were two series between 1995 and 1997, produced by Zenith North and Tyne Tees in 26 twenty-five-minute episodes.


  • Jemima Rooper as George
  • Marco Williamson as Julian
  • Paul Child as Dick
  • Laura Petela as Anne
  • Elsie Kelly as Joan
  • Christopher Good as Uncle Quentin
  • Mary Waterhouse as Aunt Frances


First series

The first series was shown on HTV and Tyne Tees.

Second series

The second series was initially shown on HTV.