Commandments (1997)


Commandments (1997)

Seth Warner has reached the end of his rope. Ever since his wife died two years earlier, his world has been in turmoil. He is despondent, his career has fallen apart, even his house has been destroyed. There seems to be nothing left for him to live for. Confused and angry after two years of suffering, he finally directs his wrath at God from the rooftop of his apartment building in New York City. In the midst of a wild thunderstorm he demands to know why he has been betrayed by the god he has believed in and honored his whole life. God's answer is to strike down Seth's dog in a bolt of lightning. Pushed beyond his limits, Seth decides to respond to his years of torment by breaking each of the biblical Ten Commandments. While staying with his sister-in-law, Rachel, much to the chagrin of her shifty reporter husband, Harry, he systematically sets out to break each commandment one by one. A natural at breaking commandments, Harry is drawn to Seth's mission in the hopes of using it to ...
IMDb  5.5 /10
Director Daniel Taplitz
Writer Daniel Taplitz
Release Date1997-05-02
Runtime1h 28mins
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance
Content RatingR (Restricted)
Awards1 nomination.
CompanyUniversal Pictures, Northern Lights Entertainment
Seth Warner
Sylvia Andrew
Patrick Garner
Patrick Garner
Melissa Murphy
Lisa Louise Langford
Lisa Louise Langford
Rudy Warner
Detective Malhoney
Police Chief Warren
Gordon Bloom

Commandments (film)

Commandments is a 1997 American romantic comedy-drama which was written and directed by Daniel Taplitz and stars Aidan Quinn, Courteney Cox and Anthony LaPaglia. The executive producer was Ivan Reitman.

Plot Synopsis

Ever since Seth Warner's (Aidan Quinn) wife died two years ago, his life has gone to pieces. In his rage, he affronts God who seemingly responds by stopping his suicide attempt and his screaming at God above by crippling his dog and putting Seth in the hospital. So Seth sets out to break all of the ten commandments. Moving in with his sister-in-law, Rachel (Courteney Cox), and her reporter-husband, Harry (Anthony LaPaglia), he systematically starts breaking each of the commandments, increasingly aided by Harry and Rachel. When Rachel finds out Harry has been having an affair, she responds by having an affair with Seth. Seth then steals all of Harry's personally autographed guitars and pawns them. Harry loses his job and finds out Rachel is pregnant with Seth's baby. Seth attempts to kill himself, but is swallowed by a whale and the belly is cut open and Seth is released. Rachel decides to marry Seth and raise the baby with him. Harry stands on top of a building with Seth's crippled dog the same way Seth did before and asks for a sign from God. Perhaps to be saved like Seth was.

Critical reception

The film has received negative reviews, with a 24% "rotten" rating by the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, based on 17 reviews.