Deadly Invasion: The Killer Bee Nightmare (1995)


Deadly Invasion: The Killer Bee Nightmare (1995)

When bees attack an isolated country house, a family must stick together to survive.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
IMDb   3.9 /10
TheMovieDb    4.5 /10
Director Rockne S. O'Bannon
Writer William Bast
Writer Paul Huson
Writer Rockne S. O'Bannon
Release Date1995-02-27
Runtime1h 25min
GenreHorror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Content RatingTV-14 (TV-14)
CompanySt. Francis of Assisi Pictures, Von Zerneck-Sertner Films, World International Network (WIN)
Chad Ingramas Chad Ingram
Karen Ingramas Karen Ingram
Tom Redmanas Tom Redman
Tracy Ingramas Tracy Ingram
Gregory Gordon
Gregory Gordon
Kevin Ingramas Kevin Ingram
Kennethas Kenneth
Pruitt Taylor Beauchampas Pruitt Taylor Beauchamp
Whitney Danielle Porter
Whitney Danielle Porter
Lucy Ingramas Lucy Ingram
Travisas Travis
Mindy Lawson
Mindy Lawson
Kristynas Kristyn
Government Representativeas Government Representative
USDA Representativeas USDA Representative
Thomas E. Jacobsen
Thomas E. Jacobsen
Deputyas Deputy
Mayoras Mayor
Dr. Kellyas Dr. Kelly
Jenniffer Buckalew
Jenniffer Buckalew
Randias Randi
Douglas Patrick
Douglas Patrick
John Clarkas John Clark

Deadly Invasion: The Killer Bee Nightmare

Deadly Invasion: The Killer Bee Nightmare is a 1995 American made-for-television natural horror film starring Robert Hays and Nancy Stafford. It originally aired on the Fox Network on March 7, 1995.


The film opens in rural Texas. A police officer sees a car parked outside an abandoned farmhouse and stops to investigate. A hole has been ripped into one side of the house. He climbs inside and sees some bodies lying on the floor. He tries to wake them up before realizing they are dead. He is then attacked and killed by a swarm of bees.

The film then cuts to Blossom Meadow, California. The Ingram family has just moved there from Boston. Through a series of events, a huge swarm of killer bees invades the town and the family must work together to survive.


  • Robert Hays as Chad Ingram
  • Nancy Stafford as Karen Ingram
  • Ryan Phillippe as Tom Redman
  • Gina Philips as Tracy Ingram
  • Gregory Gordon as Kevin Ingram
  • Whitney Danielle Porter as Lucy Ingram
  • Dennis Christopher as Pruitt Taylor Beauchamp
  • Danielle von Zerneck as Linda