Nu ren si shi (1995)


Nu ren si shi (1995)

The Suns are a typical Hong Kong family: May, forty something, works for a trading company; her husband, Bing, works as a low-grade civil servant, and Allen, their teenage son, is still at school. Trouble strikes one day when Bing's mother dies of a stroke, leaving her husband old Mr. Sun. Alzheimer's Disease is diagnosed. From that day on, the family's daily life is thrown into a poignant. Old Mr. Sun develops a tendency to wander off and get lost, he wakes up yelling in the middle of the night plus he is rude and disobliging ... all this, along with May's already full schedule as wife, mother and employee, drives her close to the edge of her endurance. The very last thing they all wanted has to happen: old Mr. Sun has to go into a Nursing Home. But it does not turn out quite like they expected...
Hong Kong
IMDb   7.8 /10
TheMovieDb    6.6 /10
Director Ann Hui
Writer Man Keung Chan
Release Date
Runtime1h 41min
GenreComedy, Drama
Content Rating
AwardsAwards20 wins & 11 nominations
CompanyClass, Golden Harvest Company, Harvest Crown
CountryHong Kong
May Sunas May Sun
Bing Sunas Bing Sun
Allen Sunas Allen Sun
Lin Sunas Lin Sun
Lan Sunas Lan Sun
Mrs. Hanas Mrs. Han
Mr. Loas Mr. Lo
Ching Yee Chong
Ching Yee Chong
Carrie Chin (Daughter-In-Law)as Carrie Chin (Daughter-In-Law)
Chi-Fai Chow
Chi-Fai Chow
Bing's Brotheras Bing's Brother
Ying Sunas Ying Sun
Gin Tsang
Gin Tsang
Janiceas Janice
Pangas Pang
Fish Vendoras Fish Vendor
Tea House Owneras Tea House Owner
Cannonas Cannon
Neighbouras Neighbour
Allen Fong
Allen Fong
Shirley Huang
Shirley Huang

Summer Snow (film)

Summer Snow (Chinese: 女人四十, Cantonese: Loey Yen Sei Seup, Mandarin: Nu ren si shi, also known as Woman, Forty) is a 1995 Hong Kong comedy-drama film directed by Ann Hui. It stars Josephine Siao and Roy Chiao in leading roles. The film was selected as the Hong Kong entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 68th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.


The film's Chinese title Chinese: 女人四十 literally translates to Woman, 40. Its alternative titles are Loey Yen Sei Seup, or Nuiyan, Seisap.


Summer Snow tells the story of the relationship between a widower with Alzheimer's disease and his daughter-in-law, May Sun, who is a housewife in her forties trying cope with the upheavals in her family. Her supportive mother-in-law has just died and her husband, who is a driving test examiner, is not giving her the support.


  • Josephine Siao as May Sun
  • Roy Chiao as Lin Sun
  • Law Kar-ying as Bing Sun
  • Sin-hung Tam as Ying Sun (Bing's Mother)
  • Allen Ting as Allen Sun
  • Koon-Lan Law as Lan Sun
  • Ha Ping as Mrs. Han
  • Shun Lau as Mr. Lo
  • Patricia Ching Yee Chong as Carrie Chin (Daughter-In-Law)
  • Gin Tsang as Janice
  • Ann Hui as Neighbour
  • Fai Chow as Bing's Brother
  • Stephen Fung as Cannon


In 1995, Summer Snow won four Golden Horse Awards at the Golden Horse Film Festival and the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury and Silver Berlin Bear at the 45th Berlin International Film Festival. Josephine Siao also won the Silver Bear for Best Actress at Berlin. The following year it won the Grand Prix at the Créteil International Women's Film Festival, several Golden Bauhinia Awards, several Hong Kong Film Awards and the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards for Best Actress and Best Film.

1st Golden Bauhinia Awards

  • Won: Best Film
  • Won: Best Director (Ann Hui)
  • Won: Best Actor (Roy Chiao)
  • Won: Best Actress (Josephine Siao)
  • Won: Best Supporting Actor (Law Kar-Ying)
  • Won: Best Screenplay (Chan Man-Keung)

32nd Golden Horse Awards

  • Won: Best Film
  • Won: Best Actress (Josephine Siao)
  • Won: Best Supporting Actor (Law Kar-Ying)
  • Won: Best Cinematography (Lee Pin-Bing)
  • Nominated: Best Director (Ann Hui)

15th Hong Kong Film Awards

  • Won: Best Film
  • Won: Best Director (Ann Hui)
  • Won: Best Actor (Roy Chiao)
  • Won: Best Actress (Josephine Siao)
  • Won: Best Supporting Actor (Law Kar-Ying)
  • Won: Best Screenplay (Chan Man-Keung)
  • Nominated: Best Art Direction (Wong Yank)
  • Nominated: Best Film Editing (Wong Yee Shun)
  • Nominated: Best New Performer (Allen Ting)
  • Nominated: Best Supporting Actress (Law Koon-Lan)

2nd Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards

  • Won: Best Film
  • Won: Best Actress (Josephine Siao)