The Crawlers (1993)


The Crawlers (1993)
Contamination .7 (original title)

Evil nuclear power plant manager is dumping nuclear waste in a forest. People start getting killed. Drunken PhD in power plant starts tracking radiation in the forest. More people killed. Newspaper reporter and local boy and girl start investigating. Still more people killed. Townspeople try to remove nuclear waste. Yet more people killed. EPA cleans up the mess with bulldozers.
IMDb   2.7 /10
TheMovieDb    3.7 /10
FilmAffinity   2.4 /10
Director Fabrizio Laurenti
Director Joe D'Amato
Writer Joe D'Amato
Writer Rossella Drudi
Writer Fabrizio Laurenti
Release Date1994-04-07
Runtime1h 31min
GenreHorror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Content RatingR (R)
CountryItaly, Canada, USA
Josieas Josie
Tayloras Taylor
Susanas Susan
Eddy Eby
Eddy Eby
Jackas Jack
Dennis Fitzmorris
Dennis Fitzmorris
Jedas Jed
Patrick Collins
Patrick Collins
Brianas Brian
Kevin Kroft
Kevin Kroft
Davidas David
Merrill Weech
Merrill Weech
Bobas Bob
Carol Kroft
Carol Kroft
Deniseas Denise
Vince O'Neil
Vince O'Neil
Sheriffas Sheriff
Addie Peadair
Addie Peadair
Fatmanas Fatman
Neil O'Connor
Neil O'Connor
Priceas Price
Jim Julian
Jim Julian
Woodsmanas Woodsman
Billy Buttler
Billy Buttler
Billyas Billy
Lord Chester
Lord Chester
Dogas Dog
Dr. Pritzias Dr. Pritzi

The Crawlers (film)

The Crawlers (also known as Troll 3, Creepers or Contamination .7) is a 1993 Italian horror film directed by Fabrizio Laurenti under the pseudonym Martin Newlin. Some parts of the film were also directed by producer Joe D'Amato, uncredited.


After a small town nuclear power plant dumps hazardous waste into a forest surrounding the town, people begin dying in increasingly gruesome ways. No one can pinpoint the source of the deaths until the EPA investigates; the forests' roots were mutated due to the waste, causing them to kill and eat people. The plants attempt to break loose, however the EPA bulldozes the plants, killing them, but leaving the possibility that some plants may have survived.


  • Mary Sellers as Josie
  • Jason Saucier as Matt
  • Bubba Reeves as Taylor
  • Chelsi Stahr as Susan
  • Vince O' Neil as Sheriff



Filming began at summer in 1990 and wrapped in summer 1991. The film was mostly filmed in Porterville, Utah, where Troll 2 was also filmed.

Title clarification

The Crawlers is also known by the titles Troll 3, Creepers and Contamination .7. Despite the Troll 3 title, the film has no narrative connections to Troll or Troll 2, the latter of which itself has no narrative connections to Troll. The Crawlers does not feature trolls, and does not share any cast members with either Troll film. It is also unconnected to the Italian science fiction horror film Contamination.

D'Amato's fantasy film Quest for the Mighty Sword was released as Troll 3 in Germany, so these two films have been confused in some reference sources.


Originally slated for theatrical release in the United States in 1992, the film ended up instead as a direct-to-video release (as The Crawlers) in 1993 by Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

Home media

Scream Factory (under license from MGM Home Entertainment) released the film on DVD for the first time under the title Contamination .7, along with The Dungeonmaster, Catacombs and Cellar Dweller, in a 4 Horror Movie marathon collection on October 29, 2013.

On April 18, 2017, the film received a Blu-ray release by Scream Factory, again under the title Contamination .7.