American Detective (1991–1993)


American Detective (TV Series 1991–1993)

Another installment in the long series of 'reality' programs that appeared on all of the networks during the '90s. While "Cops" followed officers as they went on their patrols and occasionally went undercover, this show the detectives as investigated the more serious cases. The program also looked at their personal lives, examining the stresses that this kind of work can have on a detective's family.
IMDb   6.1 /10
Release Date1991-05-01
GenreCrime, Reality-TV
Content Rating
CompanyA.D. Productions, ABC Productions
Babysitteras Babysitter
John Bunnell
John Bunnell
Hostas Host

American Detective

American Detective was a police documentary television series broadcast by ABC in the United States from 1991 to 1993.

American Detective features detectives in major U.S. urban areas working on high-profile criminal cases which were often drug-related. The program often allows glimpses into the personal lives of the detectives.

During the latter part of the program's run, Lieutenant John Bunnell of the Multnomah County, Oregon Sheriff's Department, who had been featured in a number of the program's earlier shows, served in the role of host, even taking the viewers on a trip to Russia to look at his counterparts there in February 1993.

American Detective was aired on ABC Television. It originally aired opposite NBC's Cheers and was later moved to Monday night, placed with Monday Night Football.