El Diablo (1990)


El Diablo (1990)

When the notorious outlaw El Diablo kidnaps a schoolgirl, her teacher, an Easterner named Billy Ray, decides to rescue her. Incompetent to track her alone, Billy Ray enlists the aid of an unscrupulous gunman.
IMDb   6.3 /10
TheMovieDb    5.6 /10
Director Peter Markle
Writer Tommy Lee Wallace
Writer John Carpenter
Writer Bill Phillips
Release Date1990-07-21
Runtime1h 55min
GenreComedy, Western
Content RatingPG-13 (PG-13)
AwardsAwards2 wins
CompanyHBO Films
Billy Ray Smithas Billy Ray Smith
Van Leekas Van Leek
The Preacheras The Preacher
Kid Durangoas Kid Durango
El Diabloas El Diablo
Bebeas Bebe
Zamudioas Zamudio
Nettie Tuleenas Nettie Tuleen
Dancing Bearas Dancing Bear
Spivey Irickas Spivey Irick
Chak Molas Chak Mol
Pitchfork Napieras Pitchfork Napier
Jakeas Jake
Pestosoas Pestoso
El Tristeas El Triste
Kathleen Erickson
Kathleen Erickson
Mrs. Tuleenas Mrs. Tuleen
Todd Fitzpatrick
Todd Fitzpatrick
Lonas Lon
Jean Fowler
Jean Fowler
Woman #2as Woman #2

El Diablo (1990 film)

El Diablo is a 1990 American Western comedy television film directed by Peter Markle. It stars Anthony Edwards and Louis Gossett, Jr. The film was co-written by Tommy Lee Wallace, John Carpenter and Bill Phillips, and produced by Carpenter and Debra Hill.

El Diablo focuses on Billy Ray Smith (Edwards), a teacher living in Texas, as he tracks down the outlaw El Diablo (Robert Beltran), who has kidnapped one of Smith's students. Along the way, Smith meets up with professional gunfighter Thomas Van Leek (Gossett Jr.), who helps him recruit a team to take down the outlaw and save the girl.


Billy Ray Smith is a timid young schoolteacher from Boston living in a rugged Texas town. One of his students is a teenage girl named Nettie Tuleen who has an unrequited crush on him. While Billy Ray reads a story to the class by his favorite author, Kid Durango, the town is invaded by a gang of outlaws led by El Diablo. When Nettie hears the commotion, she excitedly rushes outside only to be snatched up by El Diablo. Billy Ray tries to intervene, but only comes away with one of the outlaw's heirloom spurs as Diablo rides away. The sheriff leads a party in pursuit, only to return with a group of riderless horses and with his tongue cut out.

Billy Ray vows to rescue Nettie with the help of Kid Durango (reputed to be "the fastest gun in the West") despite not knowing how to ride a horse or shoot a gun. His ineptitude is displayed when on his way out of town, his mount rears up and throws him from the saddle, the impact causing his revolver to discharge and kill his horse. He arrives by train in the town of Millennium in search of J.D. Shones, a sheriff who had apparently rode with Kid Durango. Billy Ray discovers that Shones is already dead, having been killed by the current sheriff, who is in turn shot in the back by an aging gunslinger named Thomas Van Leek, a friend of Kid Durango who offers his services to Billy Ray and procures him a new horse. When Billy Ray reveals that he is searching for El Diablo, Van Leek calls him a fool and departs. He later returns to save Billy Ray from a group of bounty hunters who mistakenly believe he killed the sheriff.

The next day, Van Leek begins to assemble a group of skilled professionals to aid them on their journey, using Diablo's spur as a calling card. The first to join them is a blacksmith named Bebe Patterson, one of Van Leek's old friends. Next, the group interrupts a hanging orchestrated by the preacher/con artist Autolycus who is about to execute two men: an explosives expert named Roberto "Bob" Zamudio and a criminal known as Pitchfork Napier. All three join the group en route to Mexico, but Napier is soon killed and replaced by the Native American, Dancing Bear, as revenge for Napier having slept with his wife. After retrieving a cache of dynamite Zamudio had buried in the desert, the party crosses the Mexican border and stops at a saloon to rest, where Billy Ray is finally introduced to Kid Durango. However, he is shocked to learn that Durango (a mild-mannered fellow whose real name is Truman Feathers) is not the hero he was expecting, and that all of his stories were in fact based upon Van Leek's exploits.

Upon spotting Pestoso, one of El Diablo's henchmen in the saloon, Van Leek convinces Billy Ray to confront him in a showdown. Although terrified, Billy Ray stands his ground until the two draw their guns, with Van Leek secretly sniping the henchman from a nearby bell tower. After the duel, Pestoso's companion Chak Mol instructs Billy Ray to meet him alone the next morning at the "tree of death", while Kid Durango, inspired by Billy Ray's example and looking for new material to write about, joins the group on their quest.

Chak Mol escorts Billy Ray directly into El Diablo's hideout, where he is bound to a tree before coming face-to-face with the dangerous outlaw. Though he offers to exchange Diablo's spur for Nettie's return, Diablo replies that he has found something he likes better and introduces Nettie as "Rosita", his new consort. Meanwhile, Bebe, Zamudio, and Autolycus are confronted by a group of Diablo's men. In the ensuing conflict, Autolycus and Zamudio are killed, leaving Bebe to carry out their plan alone. He speeds toward the compound in his wagon loaded with Zamudio's dynamite, but his leg gets trapped before he can jump free. Laughing maniacally, Bebe crashes into the hideout, the explosion serving as a distraction for Dancing Bear and Van Leek to open fire on Diablo's henchmen. During the shooting, El Diablo escapes, taking Nettie with him. In the aftermath, Van Leek finds a hidden chest of gold, alluding to an earlier suspicion by Kid Durango that Van Leek was more interested in Diablo's riches than Nettie's rescue. Disgusted, Billy Ray leaves to find Nettie on his own.

After chasing the young woman into a cave, he is confronted by El Diablo. Their meeting is interrupted by Kid Durango who, inspired to prove himself as a hero, challenges Diablo to a duel and is gunned down. With his last breaths, he implores Billy Ray to kill Diablo and "complete the story". Diablo taunts Billy Ray before deciding to shoot him in the head, but Van Leek calls him out before he can pull the trigger. Diablo wounds Van Leek in the shoulder, disarming him, but Billy Ray intervenes by shooting the outlaw in the back twice, much to Van Leek's amusement.

Afterwards, the deceased group members are buried and Billy Ray pays his final respects to Kid Durango before returning Nettie home to her mother. As Billy Ray and Van Leek head out of town, a forlorn Nettie asks if he will be coming back, to which Billy Ray answers, "Someday." The townspeople respectfully acknowledge Billy Ray, as he and Van Leek discuss plans for a new book series based on their adventures together.


  • Anthony Edwards as Billy Ray Smith
  • Louis Gossett, Jr. as Thomas Van Leek
  • Joe Pantoliano as Kid Durango
  • John Glover as The Preacher
  • Robert Beltran as El Diablo
  • M. C. Gainey as Bebe
  • Miguel Sandoval as Zamudio
  • Sarah Trigger as Nettie Tuleen
  • Branscombe Richmond as Dancing Bear
  • Jim Beaver as Spivey Irick
  • Don Collier as Jake


John Carpenter turned down the opportunity to direct his own script for El Diablo, later saying he was nervous about directing a Western.


The film received positive reviews from Empire and Entertainment Weekly.