No Job for a Lady (TV Series 1990–1992)


No Job for a Lady (TV Series 1990–1992)

Jean Price is the idealistic, newly-elected Labour Party Member of Parliament for a deprived inner-city constituency. She must try to balance her work with her family life, learn the ways of the House and try to keep her principles.
IMDb  7.2 /10
Creator John Howard Davies
Creator Alex Shearer
Release Date1990-02-07
Content Rating
CompanyThames Television
Jean Price 18 episodes, 1990-1992
Geoff Price 18 episodes, 1990-1992
Norman 18 episodes, 1990-1992
Ken Miller 18 episodes, 1990-1992
Godfrey Eagan 12 episodes, 1990-1991
Brogden Miller
Brogden Miller
Freddy 11 episodes, 1990-1992
Nigel Humphreys
Nigel Humphreys
Harry / ... 11 episodes, 1990-1992

No Job for a Lady

No Job for a Lady is a British sitcom that aired on ITV between 7 February 1990 and 10 February 1992. Starring Penelope Keith, it was written by Alex Shearer, and directed and produced by John Howard Davies. It was made by Thames Television for ITV.


  • Penelope Keith – Jean Price MP
  • Mark Kingston – Geoff Price
  • Garfield Morgan – Norman (Whip)
  • Paul Young – Ken Miller
  • George Baker – Sir Godfrey Eagan MP (series 1 and 2)
  • Brogden Miller – Freddy
  • Nigel Humphreys – Harry
  • Jonathan Dow – Tim (series 1)
  • Paul Rattigan – Mark (series 2)
  • Michael Cochrane – Richard (series 3)

Note: In the four Series One episodes in which Nigel Humphreys appeared, he was credited as Nigel Humphries.


No Job for a Lady revolved around Jean Price, the newly elected, somewhat rebellious Labour MP for an inner-city constituency, and her life in the House of Commons. She is married to Geoff Price, and as well as being an MP she has to try and look after her house and children. The chamber of the Commons was never seen, and most of the scenes took place in her office, which she shared with her Scottish colleague Ken Miller, the lobby and in the lounges of Westminster. Other characters included the whip Norman and the Conservative MP Sir Godfrey Eagan.


Series One (1990)

Series Two (1991)

Series Three (1992)

DVD release

All three complete series of 'No Job for a Lady' have been released on DVD by Network, with a 3-disc set released by Acorn Media in 2012.

DVDRelease date
The Complete Series 1
26 July 2010
The Complete Series 2
25 July 2011
The Complete Series 3
4 June 2012
The Complete Collection