G.P. (1989–1996)


G.P. (TV Series 1989–1996)

The series is set around a fictional general medical practice. G.P. was based in an inner-Sydney suburb, and explored both the personal and professional lives of the general practitioners working together, and the other doctors and staff who worked in the clinic.
IMDb   7.2 /10
TheMovieDb    1.0 /10
Creator Peter Andrikidis
Creator Tony Tilse
Creator Chris Anastassiades
Creator Linda Aronson
Release Date1989-03-06
Content Rating
AwardsAwards9 wins & 12 nominations
CompanyRoadshow Coote & Carroll
Julie Wintersas Julie Winters…
Dr. William Sharpas Dr. William Sharp…
Michael O'Neill
Michael O'Neill
Dr. Steve Harrisonas Dr. Steve Harrison
Michael Wintersas Michael Winters
John McTernan
John McTernan
Dr. Robert Sharpas Dr. Robert Sharp
Marilynne Paspaley
Marilynne Paspaley
Dr. Tessa Korkidasas Dr. Tessa Korkidas
Dr. Ian Browningas Dr. Ian Browning
Dr. Henry Kingas Dr. Henry King
Damian Rice
Damian Rice
Dr. Martin Dempseyas Dr. Martin Dempsey
Dr. Nicola Tanneras Dr. Nicola Tanner
Janelle Owen
Janelle Owen
Zoe Browningas Zoe Browning
Dominic Elmaloglou
Dominic Elmaloglou
Peter Browningas Peter Browning
Tracie Sammut
Tracie Sammut
Donna Browningas Donna Browning
Dr. Sonia Kapekas Dr. Sonia Kapek
Vesna Kapekas Vesna Kapek
Su Lin Chennas Su Lin Chenn
Dr. Maureen Riordanas Dr. Maureen Riordan…
Dr. Yasmin Richardsas Dr. Yasmin Richards


G.P. is an Australian television series produced by Roadshow, Coote & Carroll for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, with the series being made between 1989 and 1996.

Brief synopsis

The series, screened on the ABC, is set around a fictional general medical practice, in the vein of the Seven Network serial A Country Practice. Whereas A Country Practice, hence the title was set in a rural setting, G.P. was based in an inner-Sydney suburb, and explored both the personal and professional lives of the general practitioners working together, and the other doctors and staff who worked in the clinic.

History and popularity

The series began on-air in March 1989, and while it initially failed to attract a major audience it went on to win numerous television awards (including the first Logie Award for an ABC-TV Drama in 15 years) and became the highest rating drama series on ABC-TV. G.P. ran for 9 seasons and a book about the series was written by producer Harvey Shore.

International broadcasts

G.P. has been shown in Canada on CBC Country Canada, a digital television station; and in New Zealand (on TV One and TV3), Jordan (on Channel 2), South Africa (Bop TV), Hong Kong (ATV World) and Ireland (on RTE1). In 2008 and 2009, ABC1 re-broadcast Series 3 onwards at 4:30am on weekdays.

In the UK, Central Independent Television, Thames Television and Border Television were the only contractors among the 14 members of the ITV Network to screen the programme for a short period. Thames started the show on Thursdays 1 October 1992 Thursdays and Fridays for half-hour episodes at 3.20pm until the end of the year. Central axed the show on Thursday 25 March 1993 and replaced it with Shortland Street. The programme was shown in a daily 3.20pm slot Tuesdays to Fridays and had the hour-long episodes split into two to accommodate the half-hour slot. This was a popular format for screening acquired Australian material as had been used with A Country Practice, E Street, Blue Heelers and HeadLand by UK broadcasters.

In 1994, the UK version of The Family Channel aired the series as half-hour editions during the week at 20:30–21:00 on Wednesday and Friday with the episode repeated as an hour long episode on Saturdays at 19:30.

Character summary

Mr. William Sharp (Michael Craig) – In the beginning of the series Mr Sharp is a part-time general surgeon with consulting rooms at the Ross St. Surgery owned by his nephew, Dr Robert Sharp. As the series progressed he bought into the surgery with and started operating again at local public hospitals. William is characterised as a part of the 'old school' style of medicine. He can be quite forthcoming and stubborn in his opinions and is often at odds with his colleagues at the surgery. William served in World War II as a doctor and was a prisoner at the infamous Changi prison. William drives a Jaguar and is very cultured with a great interest in and knowledge of music, poetry, food and wine.

Dr. Robert Sharp (John McTernan) – Originally the owner of Ross Street Surgery, Robert lives in the upstairs level of the house. The surgery was his father's and Robert took it over and raised his own family there. Robert is a widower and has a son Andrew, who makes numerous appearances in the first few series of the show. Uncle William lives with Robert and has his consulting rooms in the surgery. Like his Uncle William, Robert is very cultured but is often the more rational, liberal and socially minded of the pairing. Midway through the series, Robert develops a brain tumor. He is operated on to remove the tumor and survives, only to suffer a heart attack and die in recovery.

Awards and nominations

  • 1990 – Penguin Award Best Drama Series of the Year
  • 1990 – Penguin Award Best Juvenile Lead – Brian Rooney
  • 1990 – Penguin Award Most Outstanding Actor – Michael Craig
  • 1990 – Penguin Award Most Outstanding Actor – Nicholas Eadie
  • 1990 – Penguin Award Best Actor in a Drama Series – Melissa Jaffer
  • 1990 – Penguin Award Best Direction – Greg Shears (for the episode entitled 'Lovers').
  • 1991 – International Variety Club Best Actor of the Year – Michael Craig
  • 1991 – Logie Awards of 1991 Silver Logie for Most Outstanding Actor – Michael Craig
  • 1991 – Henry Lawson Award Best Australian Drama Series
  • 1991 – Australian Writers' Guild AWGIE Award Best Television Script of the Year
  • 1992 – Logie Awards of 1992 Most Outstanding Actor – John McTernan
  • 1992 – Logie Awards of 1992 Most Outstanding Series
  • 1992 – Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission TV Drama Award presented to the ABC TV, Bruce Best (Producer)
  • 1993 – Logie Awards of 1993 Special Recognition Award – Tracie Sammut


  • Dr. William Sharp – Michael Craig
  • Dr. Robert Sharp – John McTernan
  • Dr. Steve Harrison – Michael O'Neill
  • Dr. Cathy Mitchell – Sarah Chadwick
  • Dr. Chris Wright – Peter Bryant
  • Dr. Maureen Riordan – Melissa Jaffer
  • Julie Winters – Denise Roberts
  • Michael Winters – Brian Rooney
  • Dr. Nicola Tanner – Judy McIntosh
  • Dr. Tessa Korkidas – Marilynne Paspaley
  • Dr. Ian Browning – Tony Llewellyn-Jones
  • Dr. Martin Dempsey – Damian Rice
  • Dr. Sonia Kapek – Zoe Carides
  • Eva Fowler – Sue Walker
  • Dr. Henry King – Steve Bisley
  • Vesna Kapek – Lenka Kripac
  • Dr. Yasmin Richards – Leah Vandenberg
  • Andrew Sharp – David McCubbin
  • Peter Browning – Dominic Elmaloglou
  • Zoe Browning – Janelle Owen
  • Donna Browning – Tracie Sammut
  • Theresa Wong – Su-Lin Chenn
  • Sarah – Mouche Phillips

List of G.P. episodes

Season 1 (1989)

#No.TitleOriginal air date
11"The Best Laid Plans"7 March 1989
22"Shaping Up"14 March 1989
33"Fade Out"21 March 1989
44"A Female Complaint"28 March 1989
55"Magic Bullets"4 April 1989
66"A Fair Advantage"11 April 1989
77"Second Chance"18 April 1989
88"For Better or Worse"25 April 1989
99"A Family Way"2 May 1989
1010"They Just Wear You Down"9 May 1989
1111"A Man's Place"16 May 1989
1212"Heroes"23 May 1989
1313"Lest We Remember"30 May 1989
1414"Limbo"6 June 1989
1515"Secrets"13 June 1989
1616"The Best Policy"20 June 1989
1717"Into the Valley"27 June 1989
1818"Emile"4 July 1989
1919"Growing Up"18 July 1989
2020"Fat Cats"25 July 1989
2121"Solar Strychnine"1 August 1989
2222"Toss a Coin"8 August 1989
2323"Daddy's Little Princess"15 August 1989
2424"Dominant Male"22 August 1989
2525"The Power of Love"29 August 1989
2626"Chances"5 September 1989
2727"Guilt Edges"12 September 1989
2828"Chef's Special"19 September 1989
2929"Heal Thyself"26 September 1989
3030"Lies We Tell Ourselves"3 October 1989
3131"Addicted to Love"10 October 1989
3232"Choices"17 October 1989
3333"Mother of the Year"24 October 1989
3434"Simon Says"31 October 1989
3535"The Poetry Man"7 November 1989
3636"Blind Eye"14 November 1989
3737"Nobody's Perfect"21 November 1989
3838"Living with a Stranger"28 November 1989

Season 2 (1990)

#No.TitleOriginal air date
391"The Old Ball & Chain"13 February 1990
402"Everything Old is New Again"20 February 1990
413"Border of the Heart"27 February 1990
424"Ghosts"6 March 1990
435"The Evidence"13 March 1990
446"Confidences"20 March 1990
457"Rebel Rebel"27 March 1990
468"Mates"3 April 1990
479"A Spoonful of Sugar"10 April 1990
4810"Payback"17 April 1990
4911"Will I Still Be Able to Do It"24 April 1990
5012"Lovers"1 May 1990
5113"A Neighbourly Gesture"8 May 1990
5214"Freak Show"15 May 1990
5315"Occupational Hazards"22 May 1990
5416"A Difficult Stage"29 May 1990
5517"Thicker Than Water"5 June 1990
5618"Only Human"12 June 1990
5719"And Baby Makes Three"19 June 1990
5820"Another Day at the Office"26 June 1990
5921"Practice Imperfect"3 July 1990
6022"Smash"10 July 1990
6123"Set Them Free"17 July 1990
6224"A Very Long Goodbye"24 July 1990
6325"Playing It by the Book"31 July 1990
6426"The Moving Finger Writes"7 August 1990
6527"George"14 August 1990
6628"Illusions"21 August 1990
6729"The Art of Compromise"28 August 1990
6830"Why?"4 September 1990
6931"A General Malaise"11 September 1990
7032"Jobs for the Boys"18 September 1990
7133"The Sleep of Reason"25 September 1990
7234"Loose Ends"2 October 1990
7335"Inside Out"9 October 1990
7436"Crossover"16 October 1990
7537"Longing"23 October 1990
7638"76: Silent Majority"30 October 1990
7739"For Richer, For Poorer"6 November 1990
7840"Shadows"13 November 1990

Season 3 (1991)

#No.TitleOriginal air date
791"Just a Game"12 February 1991
802"So Makes the Man"19 February 1991
813"Hippocrates"26 February 1991
824"Visitors"5 March 1991
835"Out of Pasture"12 March 1991
846"Memories"19 March 1991
857"Testament/Say a Little Prayer"26 March 1991
868"Solomon's Choice"2 April 1991
879"Black & White/Sloan Street"9 April 1991
8810"Love Hurts"16 April 1991
8911"Binary"23 April 1991
9012"The Heart of the Matter"30 April 1991
9113"Three's a Crowd"7 May 1991
9214"A Flock of Nightingales"14 May 1991
9315"A Right to Write"21 May 1991
9416"Unconventional Weapons"28 May 1991
9517"Cutting Edge"4 June 1991
9618"Darby & Joan"11 June 1991
9719"Telling Tales"18 June 1991
9820"Who Lives, Who Dies"25 June 1991
9921"Rites of Passage"2 July 1991
10022"Just a GP"9 July 1991
10123"Nowhere to Run"16 July 1991
10224"Once Bitten"23 July 1991
10325"More Than Friends"30 July 1991
10426"Family First"6 August 1991
10527"The Price You Pay"13 August 1991
10628"The View From Up Here"20 August 1991
10729"My Brother's Keeper"27 August 1991
10830"Unlived Lives"3 September 1991
10931"Games People Pay"10 September 1991
11032"Baggage"17 September 1991
11133"A Weekend in the Country"24 September 1991
11234"All in a Day's Work"1 October 1991
11335"Collateral Damage"8 October 1991
11436"On the Brink"15 October 1991
11537"Quicksand"22 October 1991
11638"Judgement Day"29 October 1991
11739"Dark Lottery, part 1"11 May 1991
11840"Dark Lottery, part 2"12 November 1991

Season 4 (1992)

#No.TitleOriginal air date
1191"Test of Conscience"11 February 1992
1202"We Regret of Advise There Will Be a Delay"18 February 1992
1213"The Last Waltz"25 February 1992
1224"Brave New World"3 March 1992
1235"Time's Winged Chariot"10 March 1992
1246"The Longest Day"17 March 1992
1257"Under Control"24 March 1992
1268"Hanging Out"31 March 1992
1279"Modern Times"7 April 1992
12810"A Very Suburban Coup"14 April 1992
12911"Legacy"21 April 1992
13012"Beating Around the Bush"28 April 1992
13113"Beat It"5 May 1992
13214"Rigor Mortis"12 May 1992
13315"A Corner of Hell, part 1"19 May 1992
13416"A Corner of Hell, part 2"26 May 1992
13517"I'm All Right Jack"2 June 1992
13618"The Killer Instinct"9 June 1992
13719"Breaking Out"16 June 1992
13820"The Olive Branch"23 June 1992
13921"Shades of Grey"30 June 1992
14022"Funny Business"7 July 1992
14123"All Care Taken"14 July 1992
14224"Crossroads"21 July 1992
14325"Dial the Universe"28 July 1992
14426"The Road Not Taken"4 August 1992
14527"The Limits of Friendship"11 August 1992
14628"Private Lives"18 August 1992
14729"Pas de Trois"25 August 1992
14830"A Question of Survival"1 September 1992
14931"The Good & Faithful Servant"8 September 1992
15032"Shaking Hands with Time"15 September 1992
15133"Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics"22 September 1992
15234"Three's Company"29 September 1992
15335"Where Angels Fear to Tread"6 October 1992
15436"Pogrom"13 October 1992
15537"Chrysalis"20 October 1992
15638"Strictly Confidential"27 October 1992
15739"A Special Kind of Person, part 1"3 November 1992
15840"A Special Kind of Person, part 2"10 November 1992

Season 5 (1993)

#No.TitleOriginal air date
1591"Light a Special Candle"23 February 1993
1602"Pioneers"2 March 1993
1613"One Perfect Day"9 March 1993
1624"All Under Control"16 March 1993
1635"Dancing With Death"23 March 1993
1646"A Thousand Flowers, part 1"30 March 1993
1657"A Thousand Flowers, part 2"30 March 1993
1668"Blood Lines"6 April 1993
1679"Venus Within"13 April 1993
16810"Get a Life"20 April 1993
16911"Balancing Act"27 April 1993
17012"A Stroll in the Park"4 May 1993
17113"A Minor Complaint"11 May 1993
17214"Targets"18 May 1993
17315"An Uplifting Experience"25 May 1993
17416"Knights of the Netherworld"1 June 1993
17517"Death Has a Way With Her"8 June 1993
17618"Alone, part 1"15 June 1993
17719"Alone, part 2"22 June 1993
17820"Exposed"29 June 1993
17921"Drowning Not Waving"6 July 1993
18022"The Sentimental Bloke"13 July 1993
18123"Snakes & Ladders"20 July 1993
18224"Close to Her Chest"27 July 1993
18325"Family Life"3 August 1993
18426"Close Encounters"10 August 1993
18527"Infected"17 August 1993
18628"Square Pegs"24 August 1993
18729"Living With the Past"31 August 1993
18830"Fugue in a Minor Key"7 September 1993
18931"Uncharted Waters"14 September 1993
19032"The Method"21 September 1993
19133"No Time for Games"28 September 1993
19234"Releasing the Spirit"5 October 1993
19335"All in the Eyes"12 October 1993
19436"Borderline"19 October 1993
19537"The Long Weekend"26 October 1993
19638"A Family Affair"2 November 1993
19739"A Long Day's Journey"9 November 1993
19840"Loose Ends (16.11.1993)"16 November 1993

Season 6 (1994)

#No.TitleOriginal air date
1991"Special Places, part 1"15 February 1994
2002"Special Places, part 2"15 February 1994
2013"More out of Life"22 February 1994
2024"Scared to Death"1 March 1994
2035"Brotherly Love"8 March 1994
2046"Out"15 March 1994
2057"Coitus Interruptus"22 March 1994
2068"Innocent Bystander"29 March 1994
2079"Something Old, Something New"5 April 1994
20810"The Sorcerer's Apprentice"12 April 1994
20911"The Team Player"19 April 1994
21012"Sugar & Spice"26 April 1994
21113"Double Bind"3 May 1994
21214"A Temporary Mess"10 May 1994
21315"Breaking Out"17 May 1994
21416"The Drover's Wife"24 May 1994
21517"Home & Contents"31 May 1994
21618"E"7 June 1994
21719"Making Mischief"14 June 1994
21820"Alex & Rose"21 June 1994
21921"Solo"28 June 1994
22022"The Chicken Run"5 July 1994
22123"Ties of the Blood"12 July 1994
22224"In Good Hands"19 July 1994
22325"Fatherly Duties"26 July 1994
22426"That Old Black Magic"2 August 1994
22527"Natural Selection"9 August 1994
22628"A Hard Act to Follow"16 August 1994
22729"Captive Heart"23 August 1994
22830"Grin & Bare It"30 August 1994
22931"Footprints"6 September 1994
23032"Breakfast With Gazza"13 September 1994
23133"All of Me"20 September 1994
23234"Desperate Measures"27 September 1994
23335"Revelations"4 October 1994
23436"State of Grace"11 October 1994
23537"Back Streets"18 October 1994
23638"Rarely Pure & Never Smile"25 October 1994
23739"Odyssey, part 1"1 November 1994
23840"Odyssey, part 2"8 November 1994

Season 7 (1995)

#No.TitleOriginal air date
2391"Bandaids"21 February 1995
2402"Grown Ups"28 February 1995
2413"The Tiniest Fraction"7 March 1995
2424"Filial Contract"14 March 1995
2435"I Grow Old, I Grow Old"21 March 1995
2446"In Control"28 March 1995
2457"After Hours"4 April 1995
2468"What About Your Heart?"11 April 1995
2479"An Arm & a Leg"18 April 1995
24810"The Carrot & the Stick"25 April 1995
24911"Still Life"2 May 1995
25012"Hide & Seek"9 May 1995
25113"Relative Strangers"16 May 1995
25214"Lady Be Good"23 May 1995
25315"This Year, Next Year"30 May 1995
25416"Don't Count Your Chickens"6 June 1995
25517"Falling Backwards"13 June 1995
25618"A Great Bunch of Blokes"20 June 1995
25719"Not Fade Away"27 June 1995
25820"A Parting of Friends"4 July 1995
25921"Keeping Up with Yesterday"11 July 1995
26022"Baby Sitter"18 July 1995
26123"You Say Potato"25 July 1995
26224"Private Faces, Public Places"1 August 1995
26325"Like Father, Like Son"8 August 1995
26426"The Promise of Tomorrow"22 August 1995
26527"Stand by Your Man"29 August 1995
26628"Manoeuvres"5 September 1995
26729"Trapped"12 September 1995
26830"Those Who Can't"19 September 1995
26931"Oh My Papa"26 September 1995
27032"Imperfect Science"3 October 1995
27133"One for the Road"10 October 1995
27234"Forgive & Forget"17 October 1995
27335"So Like a Woman"24 October 1995
27436"Rhythm & Blues"31 October 1995
27537"Hush Little Baby"7 November 1995
27638"Sunday Bloody Sunday"14 November 1995
27739"Comic Relief"21 November 1995
27840"With a Beard on His Shoulder"28 November 1995

Season 8 (1996)

#No.TitleOriginal air date
2791"Where the Heart Is"5 March 1996
2802"Hardwired"12 March 1996
2813"A Man of Action"19 March 1996
2824"Two to Tango"26 March 1996
2835"Brain Storm"2 April 1996
2846"Someone to Turn To"9 April 1996
2857"New Confusions"16 April 1996
2868"The Ceremony of Innocence"23 April 1996
2879"Ding Dong Bell"30 April 1996
28810"In Sickness and in Health"7 May 1996
28911"Fire and Water"14 May 1996
29012"Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? – Part 1"21 May 1996
29113"Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? – Part 2"21 May 1996
29214"Smoke"28 May 1996
29315"Never Judge a Book"4 June 1996
29416"A Stiff Upper Lip"11 June 1996
29517"Sleeping Beauty"18 May 1996
29618"Not Breathing, Choking"25 June 1996
29719"Juice"2 July 1996
29820"Blind Friday"9 July 1996
29921"Long Time Coming"16 July 1996
30022"Sing Me a Lullaby"23 July 1996
30123"Drowning by Numbers"30 July 1996
30224"The Pleasure of Your Company"6 August 1996
30325"The Waiter"13 August 1996
30426"Vision"27 August 1996
30527"Go Directly to Jail"3 September 1996
30628"Whatever Turns You On"10 September 1996
30729"Handle With Care"17 September 1996
30830"Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"24 September 1996
30931"I Kiss Your Dirty Shoe"1 October 1996
31032"Critical Distances"8 October 1996
31133"Pendulum"15 October 1996
31234"If I Were a Carpenter"22 October 1996
31335"Show and Tell"5 November 1996
31436"Apron Strings"12 November 1996
31537"Superman"19 November 1996
31638"Shoot the Messenger"26 November 1996
31739"Ghosts in the Machine"3 December 1996
31840"This Terrible Business"10 December 1996