The Haunted Cop Shop II (1988)


The Haunted Cop Shop II (1988)
Mang gwai hok tong (original title)

The Hong Kong Police Station is plagued with vampires and police officials fear there are more out in the city, threatening mankind. Therefore, the Superintendent recruit several police officers to join his "Ghostbusters" unit. They are sent to a military base for training, where it is also infested with vampire activity. While the new recruits undergo training, veteran "Ghostbuster" unit member Man-Chill (Ricky Hui) stumbles two coffins in a remote area within the base, the hideout of two fierce, female vampires.
Hong Kong
IMDb  5.4 /10
Director Jeffrey Lau
Writer Jeffrey Lau
Writer Kar-Wai Wong
Release Date1988-04-28
Runtime1h 32mins
GenreAction, Comedy, Horror
Content Rating
CountryHong Kong
Sandy Lam
Sandy Lam
Miss Bad Luck
Miss Spiritual (as Mei-Guan Lau)
Kitty Chan
Kitty Chan
Dai Bo Bo
Supt. Shun
Yim Yin Wan
Yim Yin Wan
Vampire in White
Ka-Bo So
Ka-Bo So
Vampire in Red
Sgt. Ming
Ms. Yellow
Ma Siu Keung
Hair Dress Assoc. Rep.