The Princess Academy (1987)


The Princess Academy (1987)

A group of female students (consisting of Cindy, a nice American reform school girl from lower class who's part of a pilot program set up to test if girls like her can fit in, Colette, a sheltered but curious sexually repressed nubile virginal German girl, Sonia, a horny and experienced sexually liberated seductress who loves sex anytime anywhere, Lulu Belle, a folksy Texan girl with a 'don't tread on me' attitude, Isabella, a tough Italian girl from a mob family, Pam, a friendly and rebellious leftist upper class English feminist, and Sarah and Hillary, two posh, snobbish and aristocratic mean girls from England) arrives at Von Pupsin Academy, a famous elite international private finishing school in Swiss Alps, where young girls from rich and aristocratic families are taught how to behave like proper ladies and find wealthy husbands. Although the school is owned by the elegant, classy, understanding and romantic Countess Von Pupsin, the head teacher is unfortunately the overweight, ...
IMDb  3.3 /10
Director Bruce A. Block
Writer Sandra Weintraub
Release Date1987-09-04
Runtime1h 30mins
Content RatingR (R)
CompanyCloverleaf, Jadran Film, Sofracima
CountryYugoslavia, France, USA
Countess Von Pupsin
Fräulein Stinkenschmidt
Cindy Cathcart
Bader Howar
Bader Howar
Barbara Rousek
Barbara Rousek
Isabella 'Izzie'
Nathalie Tarkowski
Nathalie Tarkowski
Shelley Pielou
Shelley Pielou
Hillary Haverstock
Alexander 'Alex' Snivelroe (as Robin Lermitte)
Igor Serdar
Igor Serdar
Jeremy Booker
Jeremy Booker
William 'Willy' Cavendish

The Princess Academy

The Princess Academy is a 1987 independent film comedy directed by Bruce A. Block and written by Sandra Weintraub. It was filmed entirely in Yugoslavia near Zagreb and at Yadran Studios.


Cindy Cathcart (Lar Park-Lincoln) is a student out of place at an exclusive Swiss finishing school, Von Pupsin Academy. A poor orphan, Cindy is attending on a scholarship, and is resented by her snobby peers as well as Fraulein Stinkenschmidt (Lu Leonard). She soon finds allies: her British roommate, an outgoing Texan, Lulu Belle (Britt Helfer), an Italian Mafiosi's daughter, Isabella (Barbara Rousek), and most crucial, the school's headmistress, Countess Von Pupsin (Eva Gabor).


  • Lar Park-Lincoln as Cindy Cathcart
  • Eva Gabor as Countess Von Pupsin
  • Lu Leonard as Fraulein Stinkenschmidt
  • Richard Paul as Drago
  • Carole Davis as Sonia
  • Bader Howar as Sarah
  • Barbara Rousek as Isabella "Izzie"
  • Britt Helfer as Lulu Belle
  • Nathalie Tarkowski as Colette
  • Shelley Pielou as Hillary Haverstock
  • Yolande Palfrey as Pamela Lenox
  • Robin Lermitte as Alexander "Alex" Snivelroe
  • Eric Viellard as Pierre
  • Igor Serdar as Sonny
  • Jeremy Booker as William "Willy" Cavendish
  • Kader Boukhanef as Samir


The film was given a theatrical release in April 1987. After its theatrical run, the film was released on videocassette by Lightning Video. The film has yet to be released on DVD.

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