Der Experte (1988)


Der Experte (1988)

Willi Schulze is a car mechanic. Together with Paul, who escaped from an orphanage, he runs a garage. During the testing of a car, Willi finds out the brakes aren't working that good. A fatal accident can just be prevented. He tries to hitchhike home and gets picked up by American election expert Willy Schneider. Together they also get an accident and both lose their memory. The police assumes Schulze is the election expert and rapidly he turns into the pivot in a stone-hard election-contest.
West Germany
IMDb   5.9 /10
TheMovieDb    5.8 /10
Director Reinhard Schwabenitzky
Writer Martin Büttner
Writer Christian Rateuke
Writer Hartmann Schmige
Release Date1988-02-03
Runtime1h 33min
Content Rating
CompanyUniversum Film (UFA), Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)
CountryWest Germany
Willi Schulzeas Willi Schulze
Peter Schmöllingas Peter Schmölling
Walo Lüönd
Walo Lüönd
Horst Neumannas Horst Neumann
Professor Alois Schönbergas Professor Alois Schönberg
Dr. Schneebuschas Dr. Schneebusch
Steven Bennett
Steven Bennett
Paul Wudkeas Paul Wudke
Dr. Heckas Dr. Heck
Otto von Ludwigas Otto von Ludwig
Jacobias Jacobi
Willy Schneideras Willy Schneider
Karl-Ulrich Meves
Karl-Ulrich Meves
Spechtas Specht
Kerschkeas Kerschke
Hugoas Hugo
Ursula Wolff
Ursula Wolff
Ute Neumannas Ute Neumann
Uwe Hacker
Uwe Hacker
Bischofas Bischof
Brigitte Franze
Brigitte Franze
Frl. Döringas Frl. Döring
Eric Vaessen
Eric Vaessen
Chefkellneras Chefkellner