At Mother's Request (1987)


At Mother's Request (TV Series 1987–1987)
At Mother's Request (original title)

A mother forces her son to kill her father, based upon a true event in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1978.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
IMDb   7.4 /10
Creator Michael Tuchner
Creator Richard DeLong Adams
Creator Jonathan Coleman
Release Date1987-01-03
Content Rating

At Mother's Request

At Mother's Request is a 1987 two-part television miniseries based on a true story (the Franklin Bradshaw murder). The movie stars E.G. Marshall and Stefanie Powers.

Plot summary

Frances Schreuder is a mother who is mean to her sons and sometimes her only daughter, especially when she imagines that they're not living up to her expectations as what she expects them to be as her children. Greedy and selfish, she decides she wants her inheritance from her rich father, multimillionaire auto parts and oil industrialist Franklin Bradshaw.

Frances has done nefarious things to get what she wants. For example, she has forged some of her father's checks to get things she wants and had her sons steal money from him when they were visiting him the summer before his death. She eventually decides she wants her money right away, especially when she finds he drew up a new, although unofficial, will that specifically left her and her children out of it. Frances manipulates her son Marc into murdering her father under the fear of ejecting him from her home if he didn't commit the murder.


  • E.G. Marshall as Franklin Bradshaw
  • Stefanie Powers as Frances Schreuder
  • Doug McKeon as Marc Schreuder
  • Jenna von Oÿ as Ashley Schreuder
  • Corey Parker as Larry Schreuder
  • Frances Lee McCain as Lois Turner
  • Terry O'Quinn as Jeol Campbell
  • Ray Baker as Michael George
  • Frances Sternhagen as Berenice Bradshaw
  • Martin Donovan as Detective Rogen
  • George Sullivan as Detective Voyles
  • Roberts Blossom as Doug Steele
  • Chris Noth as Steve Klein
  • Dan Lauria as Myles Manning
  • Louis Borgenicht as Stanley Turner
  • Nancy Borgenicht as Nancy Jones
  • Jasmine Guy as Bank Teller


Parts of the miniseries were shot in Salt Lake City, Utah.