Godzilla 1985 (1985)


Godzilla 1985 (1985)

A reporter investigates the disappearance of a ship. He finds the ship and discovers that all the hands have been killed by a giant sea louse except for one. The lone survivor then tells the reporter that the ship was attacked by Godzilla (Gojira). Fearing a panic, the Japanese government then takes the survivor into custody to keep him from revealing that Godzilla has returned. However, a Soviet nuclear submarine is destroyed and the situation puts them and the United States on the brink of nuclear war, until the Japanese decide to come clean and admit that it was Godzilla. Soon the Japan and the rest of the world are on red alert as they wait for Godzilla to begin his rampage anew.
IMDb   6.2 /10
Metacritic   31 %
TheMovieDb    6.8 /10
FilmAffinity   4.6 /10
Director Koji Hashimoto
Director R.J. Kizer
Director Ishirô Honda
Writer Reuben Bercovitch
Writer Fred Dekker
Writer Akira Murao
Release Date1985-08-22
Runtime1h 27min
GenreAction, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Content RatingPG (PG)
AwardsAwards2 wins & 3 nominations
CompanyToho Company, Toho Eizo Co.
LanguageJapanese, Russian, English
Steve Martinas Steve Martin
Prime Minister Mitamuraas Prime Minister Mitamura
Goro Makias Goro Maki
Naoko Okumuraas Naoko Okumura
Dr. Hayashidaas Dr. Hayashida
Hiroshi Okumuraas Hiroshi Okumura
Finance Minister Kanzakias Finance Minister Kanzaki
Takegami, Chief Cabinet Secretaryas Takegami, Chief Cabinet Secretary
Foreign Minister Emorias Foreign Minister Emori
Junkichi Orimoto
Junkichi Orimoto
Director-General of the Defense Agencyas Director-General of the Defense Agency
Geologist Minamias Geologist Minami
Chief Editor Gondoas Chief Editor Gondo
Desk Editor Kitagawaas Desk Editor Kitagawa
Captain of Super Xas Captain of Super X
Home Affairs Minister Isomuraas Home Affairs Minister Isomura
Kunio Murai
Kunio Murai
Secretary Henmias Secretary Henmi
Yoshifumi Tajima
Yoshifumi Tajima
Environemental Director General Hidakaas Environemental Director General Hidaka
Ship Captainas Ship Captain