Belye rosy (1984)


Belye rosy (1984)

Veteran Labour and three wars, a respected man in the village of White Dew - Fedor Khodas has long been a widower and has three adult sons. Senior overly prudent, Junior overly cheerful. Middle left the Kuril Islands, and what he is now the father is unknown. But all the old man's heart aches, especially for young joker...
Soviet Union
IMDb   7.6 /10
TheMovieDb    6.7 /10
Director Igor Dobrolyubov
Writer Aleksey Dudarev
Release Date1984-04-09
Runtime1h 24mins
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance
Content Rating
CountrySoviet Union
Nikolay Karachentsov
Nikolay Karachentsov
Vasya Khodas
Mikhail Kokshenov
Mikhail Kokshenov
Sashka Khodas
Gennadiy Garbuk
Gennadiy Garbuk
Andrey Khodas
Boris Novikov
Boris Novikov
Natalya Khorokhorina
Natalya Khorokhorina
Vera (as Natalya Kharakhorina)
Stanislav Sadalskiy
Stanislav Sadalskiy
Mishka Kisel'
Irina Yegorova
Irina Yegorova
Andrey Khodas' wife (as I. Yegorova)
Aleksandr Bespalyy
Aleksandr Bespalyy
Yuri Kukharyonok
Yuri Kukharyonok
Skvortsov (as Yu. Kukharyonok)
Yulia Kosmachyova
Yulia Kosmachyova
Aleksey Birichevskiy
Aleksey Birichevskiy
Grandfather (as A. Birichevsky)

White Dew (film)

White Dew (Russian: Белые Росы, romanized: Belye rosy) is a Soviet 1983 comedy film directed by Igor Dobrolyubov.

It was chosen as comedy of the year by Soviet Screen.


A small Belarusian village White Dew is becoming absorbed into a big town. In it lives an honored and respected man Fedos Khodas (Vsevolod Sanaev). He has long been a widower, and his three sons have grown up. Fedos is worried about them. Senior Andrew (Gennady Garbuk) is a solid man but too calculating. Merry Vaska (Nikolai Karachentsov) may lose his family because his wife Marousia (Galina Polskikh) was meeting with her ex-lover in his absence. Middle one – Sasha (Michael Kakshonav), went to the Kuril Islands, and for 15 years was not at home. Events unfold in the background concerning the village characters and their resettlement in the city apartments.


Lead roles

  • Vsevolod Sanayev – Fedos Hodas
  • Nikolai Karachentsov – Vasiliy (Vaska), the youngest son
  • Mikhail Kokshenov – Aleksander (Sashka), the middle son
  • Gennady Garbuk – Andrei, the eldest son
  • Boris Novikov – Timofei

Supporting roles

  • Galina Polskikh – Marousia, wife of Vasiliy
  • Natalya Khorokhorina – Verka, postman
  • Stanislav Sadalsky – Mikhail (Mishka) Kisel
  • Stefaniya Stanyuta – Kiselikha
  • Irina Egorova – Andrei's wife
  • Alexander Bespaly – Mikhail (Mishka)
  • Yury Kukharenok – Skvortsov
  • Yulia Kosmacheva – Galyunya