Gilligan's Planet (TV Series 1982–1983)


Gilligan's Planet (TV Series 1982–1983)

An animated re-make of the famous TV series "Gilligan's Island." The gang of castaways, using the palm trees, coconuts and bananas from their island, build a spaceship and leave planet Earth behind. Of course, they get marooned on an uncharted planet, where they encounter bizarre space creatures and other hazards of extraterrestrial living.
IMDb  6.6 /10
Creator Sherwood Schwartz
Release Date1982-09-18
GenreAnimation, Family, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Content RatingNot Rated (Not Rated)
CompanyFilmation Associates
Gilligan 13 episodes, 1982
Skipper 13 episodes, 1982
Thurston Howell III 13 episodes, 1982
Lovey Howell 13 episodes, 1982
Professor Roy Hinkley, Jr. 13 episodes, 1982
Ginger Grant / ... 13 episodes, 1982

Gilligan's Planet

Gilligan's Planet is an American Saturday morning animated series produced by Filmation and MGM/UA Television which aired during the 1982–1983 season on CBS. It was the second animated spin-off of the sitcom Gilligan's Island (the first being The New Adventures of Gilligan).

Gilligan's Planet was the last cartoon series that Filmation produced for Saturday mornings; afterwards, they transitioned from Saturday mornings to producing cartoons exclusively for syndication. It was also the first Filmation series to feature the Lou Scheimer "signature" credit (as opposed to the rotating Lou Scheimer/Norm Prescott "wheel" credit which had been used since 1969). In addition, it was one of the last 1980s Saturday morning cartoons to be fitted with an adult laugh track, as the popularity of the practice had subsided.

Gilligan's Planet featured all of the original actors but one; Tina Louise, who has consistently refused to participate in any Gilligan's Island-related material since the series ended, again declined to reprise her role as Ginger Grant, who again was portrayed as a platinum blonde (as was the case in The New Adventures) instead of Louise's red hair. Dawn Wells, who had been unavailable during the production of The New Adventures of Gilligan, returned to the franchise, voicing both her own character (Mary Ann Summers) and Ginger.


Gilligan's Planet is based on the premise that the Professor had managed to build an operational interplanetary spaceship to get the castaways of the original series off the island. This series creates a different timeline for the Gilligan franchise, rendering the two Universal Television film sequels necessarily in a different continuity, as those films had integrated the cast back into society. True to the castaways' perpetual bad luck, they rocketed off into space and crash-landed on an unknown planet that supported human life. In many ways, the planet was like the island, but with a strangely colored and cratered surface with more land to get around. The rocket was severely damaged in the crash; thus, the castaways were still stranded and the Professor resumed his attempts to repair their only way home.

Overall, Gilligan's Planet re-presented the source material of the original live-action series with space and alien themes. Encounters with headhunters and other shipwrecked people instead became encounters with alien creatures. A new character named Bumper was added, who appeared as a reptilian alien pet/sidekick for Gilligan and company.

Production notes

The theme song from The New Adventures of Gilligan was recycled, with new narration to explain the new show's premise. Sherwood Schwartz, who had hands-on involvement in the New Adventures series, was not as heavily involved in Gilligan's Planet. Two of the show's primary writers, Tom Ruegger and Paul Dini, would emerge at Warner Bros. Animation in the 1990s.

This is one of the few Filmation series not currently owned by successor Universal Television/Classic Media. It is instead owned by Turner Entertainment (via Warner Bros. Television) as it is a part of their pre-1986 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer library.


  • Bob Denver as Gilligan
  • Alan Hale Jr. as Skipper Jonas Grumby
  • Jim Backus as Thurston Howell III
  • Natalie Schafer as "Lovey" Wentworth Howell
  • Russell Johnson as Professor Roy Hinkley
  • Dawn Wells as Mary Ann Summers, Ginger Grant
  • Lou Scheimer as Bumper


No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
1"I Dream of Genie"Hal SutherlandMarc RichardsSeptember 18, 1982
Gilligan rescues a robot named Wizzard from a landslide, which then grants Gilligan's every wish out of gratitude. Eventually, Mr. Howell becomes the robot's master, and misuses his wishes, ruining another chance to get home.
2"Turnabout Is Fair Play"Hal SutherlandMarc RichardsSeptember 25, 1982
The Skipper has been shirking his duties at the compound, and insists that his time is better spent guarding everyone from alien invaders, though in reality, he is simply napping. When real aliens invade, he is quickly captured, and must be rescued by his "helpless" friends.
3"Let Sleeping Minnows Lie"Hal SutherlandPaul DiniOctober 2, 1982
The Skipper becomes despondent due to having been away from the sea and his boat for so long, so the others decide to build him a small boat, which serves the dual purpose of allowing the Professor to reach a small island which he thinks might be a source of mica, needed to repair their rocket. An attack by a sea monster leaves them stranded on the island, but not all is as it appears...
4"Journey to the Center of Gilligan's Planet"Hal SutherlandTom RueggerOctober 9, 1982
Gilligan continually attempts to avoid his chores to read his comic book, causing a series of mishaps and accidents, culminating in the castaways falling into a hole that leads to the center of the planet, where they are taken prisoner.
5"Amazing Colossal Gilligan"Hal SutherlandMarc RichardsOctober 16, 1982
While collecting samples from the Million Lakes region of the planet for the Professor, Gilligan accidentally falls into a lake full of yellow liquid and becomes a giant. Space circus owner P.C. Barnaby arrives on the planet in his ship, and tries to steal Gilligan and turn him into his latest attraction.
6"Bumper to Bumper"Hal SutherlandRobby LondonOctober 23, 1982
Bumper continually gets scolded in his attempts to find someone to play with. He decides to run away, and gets abducted by visiting aliens who worship his species.
7"Road to Boom"Hal SutherlandMarc RichardsOctober 30, 1982
The Professor discovers that the planet on which they are marooned will soon be pulled into a "space hole", so the castaways try everything they can to avert this disaster, including mounting the rocket pod from their ship on a tower to try to change the planet's course.
8"Too Many Gilligans"Hal SutherlandRobby LondonNovember 6, 1982
Gilligan and Skipper find a cloning device that Gilligan accidentally walks through twice, and Mr. Howell and Ginger go through once, creating multiple copies of themselves with disastrous results. Eventually Bumper coaxes them all to run through the device multiple times until it short circuits and explodes, causing all the clones to vanish.
9"Space Pirates"Hal SutherlandMarc Richards & Tom RueggerNovember 13, 1982
Gilligan discovers a treasure trove of advanced technical equipment, including a "size transformer cube", and accidentally shrinks all the castaways except the Professor. Soon after, pirates arrive looking for the cube and the other equipment, and chaos ensues...
10"Invaders of the Lost Barque"Hal SutherlandTom RueggerNovember 20, 1982
While trying to retrieve a wrench that fell down a hole near their rocket, Gilligan discovers a map leading to a spaceship called The Lost Barque. The castaways head to a nearby cave to search for it, unaware that a group of tiny aliens who call themselves Quarks are trying to stop them so they can find the ship first.
11"Wings"Hal SutherlandMarc RichardsNovember 27, 1982
Gilligan accidentally turns on the Professor's radio and attracts a pilotless space probe. One of the castaways might be able to pilot it back to earth, but the castaways all want the fame and fortune, so the Professor puts Bumper in charge of training them to see who is best suited.
12"Super Gilligan"Hal SutherlandMarc Richards & Tom RueggerDecember 4, 1982
A cosmic hurricane damages the compound, and the rocket's steering mechanism is blown away. While searching for it, Gilligan stumbles into a cave where an old man mistakes him for a great hero, and gives him a cape which grants superpowers, so he can defeat a villain named Gooniack.
13"Gilligan's Army"Hal SutherlandMarc RichardsDecember 11, 1982
An alien drill sergeant (who resembles Darth Vader) and his commanding officer (who resembles Groucho Marx) land on the planet, and mistake the castaways for a group of recruits that they have been sent to train for intergalactic space missions.

Home video

On July 22, 2014, Warner Archive released Gilligan's Planet: The Complete Series on DVD in region 1 as part of their Warner Archive Collection. This is a manufacture-on-demand release, available exclusively through Warner's online store and