Fantasy Mission Force (1983)


Fantasy Mission Force (1983)
Mi ni te gong dui (original title)

Similar to "The Dirty Dozen" or one of that nature. Japan is trying to take over the world and the generals of the allied forces trying to stop the Japanese have been taken prisoner. A force of loners and fighters is put together to try and rescue the generals and save the war effort with the promise of gold and/or pardons of past crimes.
Hong Kong
IMDb   4.7 /10
TheMovieDb    5.3 /10
FilmAffinity   4.1 /10
Director Yen-Ping Chu
Writer Hsin Wei
Release Date1983-02-12
Runtime1h 30min
GenreAction, Adventure, Comedy
Content RatingR (R)
CompanyCheung Ming Film
CountryTaiwan, Hong Kong
LanguageMandarin, Cantonese
Sammyas Sammy
Lilyas Lily
Don Wenas Don Wen
Old Sunas Old Sun
Billyas Billy
Generalas General
Shiu Bu Lia
Shiu Bu Lia
Stoneas Stone
Grease Lightningas Grease Lightning
Adam Cheng
Adam Cheng
Amazon Leaderas Amazon Leader
Emilyas Emily
Pin Chin
Pin Chin
Hsiang-Ping Hu
Hsiang-Ping Hu
Ti-Men Kan
Ti-Men Kan
Lily's partneras Lily's partner

Fantasy Mission Force

Fantasy Mission Force (Chinese: 迷你特攻隊 Pinyin: Min ne te gong-dui) is a 1983 Hong Kong horror action mo lei tau film directed by Kevin Chu and starring Jackie Chan (who got top billing) in a supporting role, Brigitte Lin, Jimmy Wang Yu. Although often marketed as a Jackie Chan film, he only appears in a few scenes.


Nominally set during World War II, the film begins with a Japanese attack on an Allied military camp, which a map reveals to be somewhere in Canada. After four Allied Generals, including one who introduces himself as Abraham Lincoln, are taken hostage by the Japanese troops, Lieutenant Don Wen (Jimmy Wang Yu) is called in to organize a rescue effort (rejected candidates for the job include Roger Moore's James Bond, Snake Plissken, Rocky Balboa and Karl Maka's character from the Hong Kong film Aces Go Places).

With promises of a huge reward, Don Wen rounds up a group of misfits for the job, which includes two kilt-wearing soldiers, a hobo (Old Sun), a supposed escape artist (Greased Lightning), con artist Billy, and the femme fatale Lily (Brigitte Lin), who sports knee-high red leather boots and a bazooka. En route to the Japanese base where the kidnapped Generals are being held (apparently located in Luxembourg according to the film), the group encounters two small-time crooks, Sammy and Emily (Jackie Chan and Ling Chang), who follow them in hope that they will lead them to a cache of money.

As they continue on, Don Wen is seemingly killed in a surprise ambush by spear-wielding tribesmen, and soon the group is captured by a tribe of cannibalistic Amazons led by an effeminate man in a tuxedo. After obliterating the Amazon tribe the group spends the night in a haunted house full of hopping vampires (a traditional Chinese supernatural creature) before reaching their goal.

Once there they find the Generals held hostage gone and the base littered with the dead bodies of Japanese soldiers. Before the group can figure out what has happened they are attacked by sword and axe-brandishing Japanese Nazis riding in 1970s-era muscle cars (it is of note that the highly anachronistic cars are also painted with swastikas and Luftwaffe-style crosses).

Here the plot takes a turn for the melodramatic as the group is wiped out one by one by a machine gun (that clearly does not have an ammunition belt installed), with another killed by a sword in the buttocks. In the end, with only Sammy and Emily left standing, Don Wen arrives, executes Old Sun, one of the rescue team members, and explains that he planned the whole thing from the beginning so that his rescue team and the Japanese soldiers would kill each other off, leaving him alone to collect the reward. Aiming to silence the last witnesses, Don Wen shoots Emily and Sammy is forced to fight him one-on-one.

After a long martial arts fight scene Don Wen is defeated as Sammy detonates explosives hidden in the main building, obliterating it. The Generals soon show up and demand to know why they were not rescued earlier, but all Sammy does is dismiss them with the line, "I don't know any Generals. To me you look like clowns!"

The film ends with a wounded Sammy and Emily driving off together in a jeep, and the Generals chase after them.


  • Jackie Chan as Sammy (supporting role)
  • Brigitte Lin as Lily (as Chan Hsia Lin)
  • Jimmy Wang Yu as Captain Don Wen (as Yu Wang)
  • Pearl Cheung as Emily (as Chang Ling)
  • Adam Cheng as Amazon Leader (as Adam Cheng Siu-Chow)
  • Mary Wong as Amazon Queen
  • Sun Yueh as Old Sun
  • David Tao as Billy (as Tao Da Way)
  • Hui Bat-Liu as Stone
  • Fong Ching as Stone's Superior
  • Frankie Kao as Grease Lightning
  • Jung Fang as General
  • Paul Chang as General
  • Lee Kwan as General
  • Dan Yang as Japanese General
  • Gou Ling Feng as Grease Lightning