Ha-Shu'al B'Lool Hatarnagalot (1978)


Ha-Shu'al B'Lool Hatarnagalot (1978)
Ha-Shu'al B'Lool Hatarnagalot (original title)

Amitz Dolniker, an Israeli politician who speaks way to much has a heart attack in the middle of his speech. In the ambulance on the way to the hospital the doctor orders him to "go someplace quite, rest, and don't make speeches". His young assistant immediately suggest they go to Switzerland, however Dolniker had taken a vow not to leave Israel unnecessarily, so he comes up with a different idea - going to a remote village where they have never heard of him, so he would not be asked to make any speeches. As they arrive, it turns out that not only the villagers have never heard of Dolniker, but they have also never heard of running water, electricity, phones, and most importantly: TV, Radio, and newspapers... so its only a matter of time before Dolniker or the villagers go bananas....
West Germany
IMDb   7.5 /10
Director Ephraim Kishon
Writer Ephraim Kishon
Release Date
Runtime1h 30min
Content Rating
AwardsAwards1 nomination
CompanySender Freies Berlin (SFB), United Motion Picture Studios
CountryIsrael, West Germany
Amitz Dolnikeras Amitz Dolniker
Seffy Rivlin
Seffy Rivlin
Ze'evas Ze'ev
Geoola Dolnikeras Geoola Dolniker…
Zalaman Hasidovas Zalaman Hasidov
Tzemach Goorevitchas Tzemach Goorevitch
Mrs. hasidovas Mrs. hasidov
Nitza Shaul
Nitza Shaul
Miss Goorevitchas Miss Goorevitch
Gideon Singer
Gideon Singer
Prof. Tennebaumas Prof. Tennebaum…
Michaas Micha…
Yosef Bashi
Yosef Bashi
Rabbias Rabbi
Mordechai Ben-Ze'ev
Mordechai Ben-Ze'ev
Gurevitch's fatheras Gurevitch's father
Wagon driveras Wagon driver
Zisha Gold
Zisha Gold
Resident of the villageas Resident of the village
Abraham Ronai
Abraham Ronai
Driveras Driver